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TitleExam Project (60%)

The Haagen-Daz brand was launched in 1961, yet remained relatively unknown before its sensual advertising repositioned the brand as an Adult Ice Cream. Within five months of the advertising launch, Haagen-Dazs became the best selling premium ice cream in Britain with a market share twice that of its nearest rival.

Your remit is to investigate how the ice cream was repositioned so successfully from a little know niche product to a global brand (now available in 54 countries.) Your project should be both theoretical and applied and should include the following elements:

-identification and application of relevant marketing models which help to explain the company’s positioning strategy, -identification and application of relevant communications models to clarify its advertising strategy, -understanding (from a theoretical perspective) how attitudes are formed and changed and how this was so successfully achieved in this instance, -understanding of the relationship between attitudes and behaviour, exploring how behavioural change was achieved so rapidly and dramatically, -identification of the segmentation-targeting-positioning framework, as applied to the case

In addition to these elements, you may of course include any other factors which you consider relevant.

Standards of presentation are important as is evidence of applying a range of appropriate ideas, theories and frameworks from a variety of sources.

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