gulf oil spill

Topics: Biodiversity, Pollution, Water Pages: 4 (465 words) Published: August 9, 2015

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
Amy Burkett Environmental Science

April 20, of 2010 a BP’s oil rig Deep water Horizon had blown up out in the Gulf of Mexico. It had killed 11 people and let more the 200 million gallon of oil into the ocean water. The oil spill had damaged over 1,000 miles of the shore lines. A study was done by the Center for Biological diversity and it had shown that over 82,000 birds, nearly 6,000 sea turtles, over 26,000 marine mammals, that includes dolphins, and a large unknown massive number of fish had been harmed by the oil spill and the aftermath of it. (Sakashita, N.D.) The oil spill lasted for about 3 months and in that 3 months did a very large amount of damage. When the Deep water Horizon had blown up there were pollutants that were released into the water and into the air. In the air it consisted of smoke and hydrocarbon fumes. The water was polluted with oil out of the rig and there were now dead sea animals that were spread threw out the Gulf of Mexico after the rig had spilled. The smoke and the hydrocarbon fumes were pollutants and that means that they are the kind of pollutants that are put into the air directly from where it was coming from (Hager & Berg, 2009). It does not matter what type of pollutant, whether it is primary or secondary, it still has major effects when it comes to the environment. There were many effects from the oil spill in the Gulf, there were so many different animals that had died and even coral. The death from all the animals would be considered to have a short term and a long term effect on the environment. With the short term the water pollutants would cause the species the population to start to decrease and even become threatened. With the long term the water pollutants would even cause the species to become extinct because of the bottlenecking that occurs when they try...
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