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Grades Will Make or Break the Job
What do grades really mean to some people? Grades to me are not correct. I think that it should either be pass or fail and none of the A, B, C, D, and F or the normal grading system they have going on now. This grading system lets kids procrastinate and pass through their grade level even though they don’t deserve it. Grades should be made first priority to students and either be pass or fail.

David Koeppel says that grades are very important and should be taken more seriously by students than they really are. Not a lot of kids know this but grades can make you a great job or they can give you a terrible job. David Koeppel did not believe it either so he decided to investigate for his job and write an article on this subject and publish it in a New York Times article which is “Those Low Grades in College May Haunt Your Job Search” published December 31, 2006. He goes into depth in this article and really grabs your attention while reading this. He also gets information from employers, employees, and experts on this. For example, if you ask Johnny C. Taylor Jr., senior vice president of human resources for the IAC/InterActiveCorp, the factor that matters most when companies are looking for employees is their GPA or grade-point average from college. When employers are looking for people to hire they are wanting the smartest and the ones who have the best problem solving skills says Mr. Taylor. Mr. Taylor says that in his 15 years as a professional human resourcer (which is Mr. Taylor’s career) he has found that students GPA is the best single predictor for job performance in that students first few years of employment. Mr. Taylor is not the only one who believes this; he says that he went around asking companies and they absolutely agreed with him. Companies were saying that they would be less likely to hire students with a GPA less than a 3.0 which is a B average. But there have been instances where students who don’t make...
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