Global Marketing Product And Branding Strategy

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The International Marketing




Spiderman Becomes an Indian

Product Idea

P&G – Connect & Develop Strategy
• Develop brands tailored for similar consumer cohorts
living in different countries, rather than producing
strategies on a nation-by-nation basis
– Consumers in Mumbai have more common with consumers in
Shanghai, Tokyo, New York than with consumers in rural India • Expertise from one part of the globe to another

– Taboos over feminine hygiene in rural India were similar to those in parts of Africa
• Transfer of private-public partnership outreach program that had been pioneered with African governments to India
– Benefits of “Always” to female adolescents with the help of local governments

• Connect & Develop strategy – collaboration of in-house experts with external scientists, engineers, consumers,
and other companies to develop new products and

Sanex Conquering Europe –
Product and Branding

Sanex –Standardize or Localize
• Sanex was successful in Spain
• The product failed in UK
• Launching Sanex (dermo-protective liquid
soap product) throughout Europe
• Pan-European strategy or “localized”

Spain-Sanex- Marketing Mix
• Product
– White in color ( non-cosmetic color)

Transparent  association with pharmaceutical products
Signal hygienic
Slightly perfumed ( less than cosmetic)
Product foam < < < cosmetic soaps

• Brand – Sanex – “health” connotations without “medicinal” implications
• Communication
• Strong support – Share of voice
• Attention getting advertisements
• Used a young advertising agency- eager to make a mark

• Price
– Higher priced to communicate quality

• USP – “Healthy Skin”
• Distribution
– -not just Pharmacies, - expand through grocery stores, department stores & other outlets

Spain – successful – Why?
• “Fishing expedition” for new product ideas  semistructured focus groups under the direction of Martin • Identification of “gap” between cosmetics-type soaps and pharmaceutical-type liquid soaps

• Good rational positioning of Sanex – healthy skin!
• Good planning (save in production and spend on
marketing, advertising, and promotion)
• Choice of very creative ad agency
• Appropriate marketing mix (pricing, advertisement copies, packaging) all geared toward accomplishing very specific
marketing objectives
• Good brand name: Sanex has “health” connotations
• Risky but quick extensions and consolidations
• Consistent strategy

Which Country to Enter?

What would you do?
1. Standardize or customize

Product, brand name, packaging

2. Marketing Research was not positive Should one question the results of mkt. research – negative results? Is there a
problem with mkt. research? How will you
fix it?

Can you organize the business activities around product
instead the usual way of organizing it around countries?

• Unequivocal and vociferous support of the
top management
• It is not the globalability of the product that
matters but the globalability of the concept
therein matters
– Sanex  brand extension liquid soap; hand
liquid soap; deodorant; Bath cologne; body

What about taking Sanex to Asia,
• USA Positioning?
• ASIA – Healthy Skin– Dermo-protective is it important?

AAA- Managing Differences
• Adaptation  customizing your process
and products to local markets’ unique
• Aggregation  standardizing regional or
global operations  economies of scale
• Arbitrage  taking advantage of
differences  wages, skills, etc..

Sanex -- Managing Differences
• Adaptation 
– Spain  hair and skin are treated in the same level; in Netherlands, it is different;
– France separation between bath and shower bath
is a leisurely affair;

• Aggregation  same product, same packaging,
same high price, same positioning and
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