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1. Executive Summary

2. Analysis of the Case

3. Recommendation

4. Bibliography

Executive Summary
Global Consumer Products Company, a well-established company decided to launch a new product range. That is Baby Soap ranges. Suddenly they identified a need of a Brand Manager for this product ranges. And decided to recruit a person externally. Since this was not pre-planned and the company is in a hurry to introduce their new product to the market, the recruitment and selection process was carried out within a very period of time. There were several major mistakes in the advertisement they prepared in order to publish on the newspaper. The company had failed to include the Job Description, Job Specification and a description about the company. Hence the advertisement was unable to attract enough number of candidates. Somehow they managed to select number of people to call for the initial interview. Marketing Manager and the HR Manager were supposed to carry out this interview. But this was placed on the exact date on which the company had its monthly Board meeting. Since it is mandatory for these two responsible managers to attend to that the interview was done hurriedly and selected two candidates for the last interview. As the CEO and the Marketing director had to participate in an exhibition through which their target was to create new customers for their new product, they are hoping to launch in the near future, the last interview took place but late. Mr. Anton was selected as the Brand Manager. In the first week he was supposed to give an induction to make him familiar with the company and the job. But he had to involve in the business activities from first day onwards. He was asked to come up with a strategic plan for branding no sooner he came. He didn’t have proper knowledge and skills and also didn’t have time to study the branding architecture of the new products. So the branding strategy and the action plan he brought was not successful when compared with the rival firms. And the product proved to be a failure from the very beginning. Mr. Anton understood that his level of competency and technical knowledge was under the required level and hence he was demotivated. Since the company target couldn’t be achieved whole branding group was demotivated. As a result Mr. Anton’s probationary period was extended. That is the overall summary of the case study to be analyzed.

Analysis: Issues involved in the case.
Global Consumer Products Company (GCP), had planned a strategy to launch a new product range. (Baby Soap Ranges). Planning a new product is a long term procedure. Hence identifying the Manpower requirement in order to carry out the plan must be done along with the product planning. Because it is a part of the product launch. Failure to do so resulted in several issues including product being failed in the market. Key issues identified are discussed below. 1. Poor HR Planning

The key reason for all the issues discussed here is poor HR planning. The GCP Company failed to identify the HR requirement for the post of Band Manager, when they were planning the new product. This post can be considered a critical post, to which selecting a person is very difficult. Because, they are going to introduce a new product, i.e. Baby soap range to the market. In Sri Lankan context, the market for the baby soap is almost saturated with both local and imported baby soap products. Mostly the brands are now inculcated in customers and hence it is difficult to creep into this market and create an own brand. But knowing that, still deciding upon to launch this product, company is taking a huge risk. They need ample of marketing campaigns and plans and ways of making the brand familiar to the customers and create a new customer segment. It is, the brand manager who has the responsibility to work it out. Therefore company should recruit a person with vast experience and knowledge regarding Marketing...

Bibliography: Human Resource Management a South Asian Perspective, 2007, Snell, Bohlander Vohra.
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