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Garnier is one of the major players in the Market which diversifies its Skin & Hair Care Product Range right from Shampoos, Conditioners, Skin Creams & Moisturisers to Facewash & Body Treatment Sprays.

Garnier is a sub-brand of Global Fashion major L’oreal which has its presence across countries like USA, Singapore, Italy, Australia, Canada, India and many others. Its an international Brand which is famous for its Cosmetics & Fashion products. Its a premium product which is meant for first class people who are concerned & conscious about their Skin & would want to make their skin & body look beautiful all the time.

Garnier is a mass-market product and it has come up in Indian Markets in a very big way after launching its Fructis Line of Shampoos & Conditioner which they identify as their Nutritioniste line. One of their key proprietary ingredients is a fruit concentrate used in all of their products. It is a combination of fruit acids, vitamin B3 and B6, fructose and glucose.

1. Salience Dimensions of Garnier
i) Depth of Brand Awareness

Ease of recognition & recall
Strong Brand Image & its easy availability in Indian Market: Garnier is a Skin Care range of products that is widely available in Indian Retail Stores and it is easy for Customers to recall the brand if they are looking to buy Hair Shampoo or Conditioner or a Skin Cream.

Visibility of Bottles in Retail Stores:
The Green Color range of its Fructis Line of Shampoos & Conditioners make the bottles look apart from other competitive brands like Sunsilk & Dove.

• Strength of Clarity & Category Membership
Use of Fruit Concentrates in all of its Products which gives the Brand a Pure & atural Feel:
Since range of its Shampoos, Conditioners & Face Wash comes with Fruit Concentrate, it is very much liked by its Customers & they tend to show loyalty towards the brand.


Appearance of Modern Women as ambassadors & endorsers of product in their advertisements:
Garnier as a brand is endorsed by Celebrities such as Sonam Kapoor, Esha Deol & Isha Kopikkar, so it gives the Brand a very young, fresh & lively feel and attracts young girls who are in their teenage as well as modern & urbanised Women of today.

ii) Breadth of Brand Awareness

Purchase Consideration
Commitment & Quality of the Brand makes it stand apart from its Competitors:
All of Garnier Products gives me a lot of Satisfaction after its use, therefore, I have always felt a sense of Brand Loyalty towards Garnier and it is the only Brand that comes into my mind when I have to buy a Conditioner or a Shampoo.

Brand justifies itself as a natural, fresh & clean Product to be used by teenage girls & young women:
Its specially focused Nutritioniste Line gives me a sense of feeling that I am not using any artificial & synthetic concentrate on my hair & Skin and therefore, I rely on the Brand which makes my hair look shiny & soft & my Skin soft & beautiful.

Consumption Consideration
Aims at Upper Middle Class of urban women who are conscious of making their Skin look beautiful:
Garnier is a Skin & beauty product which is aimed at a special segment of Urbanized, young & modern women who would want to make their skin look healthy & beautiful all the time. So, its price range is such that it caters to Upper-Middle Class segment of women and is very much favored by them. Brand Image of Garnier perceived as Caring & Concerned about beauty of Indian Women:

Garnier as a brand symbolizes Warmth & Affection being given to Indian Women as they are very much conscious of making themselves look fairer & soft & their hair look strong & beautiful. So, for new age modern women its always a better buy & a premium product to consider it to purchase & consume.


Advertisements focused on attracting new Customers to the Brand: The...
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