G6 Manchester Summary

Topics: Brand, Furniture, Decorative arts Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: April 6, 2015
Group 6 (Vimal, Nithia, Indi, Aishah & Emmy) review on Case GP3: Manchester Products – A brand transition challenge.
The case study Manchester product further discusses about challenges of transition for a brand. Manchester a most favored and recognized manufacturer in premium office furniture wants to be me a market leader in the home furniture market as well due to their new purchase of Paul Logan’s Furniture. The case further elaborates on strategies of Jason Adams, Vice President of Marketing to swift the Paul Logan brand for home furnishing to Manchester as the ultimate home and office furnishing.

Manchester faced several challenges, among them are; Manchester is reluctant to use the Paul Logan brand name to launch new products in the house hold market as there were afraid that the customers may further develop brand loyalty towards Paul Logan and creates a intangible conflict of interest for Manchester Household. Furthermore, the Paul Logan name can only be used for three years. On top of that, Paul Logan brand sets a high price tag which made other low cost competitors such as National Furniture Company and other rivals from Asia and Mexico creating a competitive platform for Manchester to market their products. The major disadvantage to Manchester is their deficiency of network and alliances in the household furniture section.

The most effective solution is to take advantage of Paul Logan’s brand awareness and gradually change the all the product categories to Manchester in order to image Manchester as a mightier brand which has taken over the Paul Logan brand. This will result better opportunities to Manchester as is moves from mind-share to wallet-share. Meanwhile, Manchester can pick one or two products and initiate their secondary plan of changing names to Manchester brand despite having the risk of destroying a solid distribution channel under the Paul Logan umbrella. Besides that, Manchester can increase the MH brand equity through brand...
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