Future Brand of Slovakia

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Research Proposal & Literature Review
Maria Kohutova

Future Brand of Slovakia
An investigation of perception of Slovakia as a tourist destination in UK

Giles Forbes
Submission: 22. April 2010

* Research Proposal
Research topic
‘Future Brand of Slovakia - An investigation of perception of Slovakia as a tourist destination in UK’ is the name of research topic. Reason for choice and aims
Nowadays the building of brand is a one of the most popular trends, included: branding of products, services, organizations and institutions, and the last trend – branding country. No one can deny that country of origin product matter.

In 2009, Slovakia first time took a turnout in research work of Future Brand Index and has been described as not very well developed brand. Slovakia’s brand is presented by the coloured butterfly with a statement ‘Slovakia - Little Big Country’. Slovakia faces to very low awareness in the UK, even nicely designed logo and hard SACR job. To be a good and to create

a logo therefore do not seen as the enough in the building an awareness, good reputation and finally a strong brand. This process includes much more elements that will be described and investigated in this dissertation.

To increase awareness in the UK should be an aim of Slovakia as a whole country. To select an appropriate mode of presenting ‘Little Big Country’ will be a significant decision. Whatever mode will be chosen, it will have to be supported with a plenty information, because when the media do not have enough information, they do not look at reputation proactively, they tend to creates an image in space that is filled with the typical and usual perception – generalization a past Communist picture.

One of the main elements that can support a positive awareness in the UK is the travel and tourism industry. In this area has Slovakia a big potential to satisfy a tourist needs in each year season and also there are next two big challenges that Slovakia is going to cope with. First, it is the Ice Hockey World Champion in 2011 and in 2013 Kosice will be a Capital of European Culture. There are few studies about country brand and country of origin’s impact. By studying Slovakia case study will be shown what works and what does not work in a country branding process. In this dissertation will be compared a view of UK population with a perception of Slovaks about own country and SACR (Slovak Tourist Board). Also will be investigated developing of its brand based on Future Brand Index 2009. The case of Slovakia will be compared to others countries with the rumours’ problems and maligned reputation and their actions plans. There will be investigated the possible ways how to increase the awareness in a positive way through delivering a high qualitative products and services. The research should be helpful mainly for SACR and can be used also by companies that distribute goods into the UK. Research questions and Objectives

Research questions:
a. Does anyone know about country brand? UK brand vs. SR brand b. Awareness SR in UK?
c. How is Slovakia perceived in UK?
d. Is it attractive tourist destination for UK market?
a. To investigate British perception of Slovakia
b. To identify key elements of this perception
c. To analyze how this perception is formed
d. To draft an effective strategy to alter a negative rumours and reinforce positive perception Country Background: Overview of global situation in Slovakia Establishment of the Slovak Republic

Country with a strategic position in the Schengen Agreement, final border of EU and NATO from the Ukraine, Russia. Part of V4 (Visegrad Group: Poland, Hungary, Czech, and Slovakia) and one of them that undertake a EURO. Country that is described as an economic tiger of Central Europe – Slovakia.

1989 - Velvet Revolution, Czechoslovak Federation end with a Communist rule, step toward the independent state....

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