Fredrick W. Taylor

Topics: Time and motion study, Frederick Winslow Taylor, Scientific management Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Frederick W. Taylor
By Sydney Perez

Frederick W. Taylor is known for devising a system called scientific management. He is a controversial figure in management history. He is considered a innovator of industrial engineering, specifically in time and motion studies. He made dramatic improvements in productivity. At the same time, some would say that he destroyed the way work was known to be, dehumanized factories, and made men into robots. Under Taylor's new management system, factories were managed through scientific methods rather than by use of rule of thumb. Which was so widely used in the days of the nineteenth century when Frederick Taylor devised his plan and published "scientific Management" in 1911.

F.W. Taylor's work was taking place in a time when there was a lot of industrial chance happening. National industries grew out of local trade like steel, glass, shoes, and textiles. Also, what were small factories became large plants. The workers received little for their effort while the owners became wealthier. Some problems that came about were carelessness, safety, inefficiencies and foot dragging on the job. Taylor wanted to get rid of the bonuses that management thought would fix the problems. He felt that incentive wages were no solution unless done with efficient tasks that were planned and learned.

F. W. Taylor felt as though the secret to productivity was finding the right challenge for each person and paying them accordingly for more effort. He used time studies to set daily production quotas. Incentives would be paid to the employee's who reached their daily goal. The employee's who didn't got a much lower pay. Taylor doubled productivity using his time studies, systematic controls and new wage scheme. He paid the person, not the job. At age thirty-seven, Frederick became a consulting engineer. Supervisors and middle managers were most threatened by his system, he did not understand their resistance. He focused on cost cutting...
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