Fast Pace of Life Is Making Us Distant from Nature

Topics: Natural environment, Nature, Ecology Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: July 10, 2013
Fast Pace of life is making us distant from natural beauty

The technological advancement in today’s era has not only made our life easy and comfortable but also fast. Today we are surrounded by machines to ease all our jobs. We want perfection, quickness, accuracy out of these inventions. And in order to achieve this, in no time we also have become machines. We have forgotten to appreciate natural beauty spread around us. I totally agree to the fact that the pace of modern life is making us distant from Mother Nature.

What is the most common scenario today in our homes? Dad is working day and night to stay ahead of everyone and make more money. Mom is working to cope up the monetary deficiencies which may help to maintain a good social status. And the poor kids are either told to be locked up in the house, or are kept with a nanny. Gone are the days when people were close to nature and seemed to be doing better than the average people today. Our forefathers have grown up playing in the countryside grounds , bathing in rivers on the way , eating fruits directly from the tree and have stayed fit and fine for 80 years on an average. But people at present need sophistication and hygiene. They prefer being inside than outside because of their very own created issues like pollution, extreme climatic conditions.

We are the one who over utilizes the natural resources without thinking about the consequences. So we are the sufferers. Since we have disturbed the balance of nature by being inhuman, it’s the nature now playing hard on us. We have cut down all the trees to make our new homes by snatching natural habitat from many animals. The trees which are responsible for oxygen, food, shelter are being cut down for our selfish purposes. We dispose all kinds of wastes in our ecology. The smoke from automobiles, wastes from industries hampers our environment. The CFCs used in our appliances are depleting the ozone which is responsible for our own safety. So we are...
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