Fairness Cream

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Brand Preference for Fairness Creams


Dr. L. Manivannan
M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dept. of Corporate Secretaryship, Erode Arts College
Erode. Tamilnadu
Mr. K.V. Kannan
M.B.A., M.F.T.
School of Management, Sri Krishna College of Engineering & Technology Kuniamuthur P.O., Sugunapuram, Coimbatore
Mr. Natrayan
Annamalai University

Fairness creams have become a vital product for the Indian FMCG companies in increasing their overall sales due to the importance given by Indian consumers towards fairness. As India is a country known for its diversity different consumers from different parts of the country prefer different brands. Hence, this paper aims to identify the brand preference of consumers towards fairness creams. The paper also examines the factors influencing consumers in preferring various brands of fairness creams. The data was collected in Coimbatore city of Tamilnadu, India among 150 survey respondents. Keywords: Fairness creams; Brand Preference; Coimbatore.

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The market size for fairness cream in India was estimated to be Rs.800 crore. The market growth rate ranges between 15 20% on a year-to-year basis. The leading players in the market includes Hindustan Lever Ltd., (HLL's) 'Fair & Lovely' with 76 percent of the market share and Cavin Kare's 'Fairever' with 15 percent of the market share. Other important players like Godrej's 'Fairglow', Emami's 'Fair and Handsome', Vicco and Himalaya share the rest of the market share. It has been estimated that males constitute 20 percent of the total sales for fairness creams in India. The existing players are focusing upon improving the quality and ingredients and new players are also invading the Indian market. As India is a country known for its diversity different brands are used in different parts of the country. The brands which are very successful in northern part of the country may not find a place in South India. Similarly some brands are successful in rural areas and tier II cities whereas not in cities and metros. Here arises the need for a study on brand preference. Hence, this research survey has been conducted in Coimbatore city of Tamilnadu (an important tier II city in India) to identify the brand preference for fairness creams in this locality. Objectives

i. To find out the brand preference for fairness creams in Coimbatore city ii. To study the factors influencing brand preference for fairness creams iii. To identify the source of awareness for fairness creams Research Methodology

Primary data has been collected for the research study in Coimbatore city of Tamilnadu, India. The major reason for choosing Coimbatore is its demographic outlook (which includes both educated and uneducated, peoples from different parts of the country particularly from Kerala and changing income level) and Coimbatore being considered as one of the important Tier II cities of India. The research design involves descriptive style. Consumers of various age groups have been conducted with the research survey. The sample size was 150 and the sampling technique used is convenience sampling. The research instrument used was questionnaire and it comprises both open and close-ended questions. Personal interview has been conducted among the target respondents. Limitations

Chances of respondents' bias are involved in the research. As the research is restricted with Coimbatore city of Tamilnadu, India the results are not applicable to other parts of the State or country. Limited number of respondents has been chosen due to time constraint and this could affect the accuracy of result to certain extent. Analysis and Interpretation

Table No: 1 Brand Preference and Top of the Mind Awareness (TOMA) for fairness creams* Brand PreferredNo. of Respondents% of RespondentsRank
Fair & Lovely
No marks
Fair & Handsome

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