Environmental Worldview

Topics: Natural environment, Biodiversity, Pollution Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Mykayla Marcelino

Environmental worldview can be described as how one thinks the world should be and what it is they believe their role is. My personal opinion on worldview is that, we only have been given one planet; we should take care of what is on it. People need to take responsibilities for their actions, and those responsibilities should start with the environment because we are not the only ones who use Earth.

People are the ones causing most pollution. People are the ones clearing the rainforests. People are also the ones dumping human and toxic wastes onto fertile lands and water. Animals and plants are not doing such things. People need to take responsibility for their actions, and replace what they have taken. If they clear trees, they should replant them. Most people do not see the long-term effects of clearing trees. If they do so, it reduces the amount of oxygen in the environment. We need oxygen to breathe, as do plants and animals.

Innovation is a good thing. However, innovations such as cars can be a negative factor. Cars can pollute our environment. However, there are things we can do as a race to take responsibility for the pollution. We could use bikes, walk, or use public transportation to save on gas usage. Not only does it cause pollution, but it uses up our natural resources. One day in the future, we will run out of all the natural resources that we take advantage of on a daily basis.

If we as humans use up and pollute our Earth and its resources, we will be taking away from not only us, but all the plants and animals that live here as well. If the resources we use and pollute and don’t replenish affect the habitats that animals and plants belong to, it could alter an entire ecosystem. Changes in an ecosystem could lead to some plants and animals dying off. Other organisms, or even us, could benefit from said plants and animals. It would also decrease biodiversity. Biodiversity is necessary for a healthy ecosystem. In fact, a...
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