Environmental Issues

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The environment

The earth is losing its capacity of providing the goods we need, threatening our economic well-being and also our survival. In this article the author examines several forms of pollution and ecological degradation such as: * Agriculture: We know that chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides has helped us and benefits in a lot of ways, but at the same time they are really hard on the environment. The global agricultural-food system is characterized by severe ecological problems and social inequalities. Some examples are: waterways and foods, soil degradation, chemical pollution in land, human health impacts and risks, and many others. * Water: one way that we allowed a lot of contaminations get inside our body is through water, this is because various contaminates used in many activities finish in rivers, lakes and underground reservations.

In this article the author discuses several environmental responsibilities like: * The moral problems underlying business abuse of the environment. * The costs of environmental protection.

The definition that the author gives of ecology is: “the science of the interrelationships among organisms and their environments.” (Shawn, 2009) The ethics of environmental protection: many measures that we take, for example when we decide to recycle our cans and garbage, are little steps that benefit us all. We need to view the environment differently if we are interested in improving our quality of life. As the theorist William T. Blackstone said, “Each of us has a human right to a livable environment because a livable environment is essential for one to fulfill his human capacities.” The new discipline of ecological economics is attempting to expand further the boundaries of environmental cost-benefit analysis by calculating the value of an ecosystem in terms of what it would cost to provide the benefits and services. (Shawn, 2009)

The article makes me think about the responsibility...

References: Shawn, W. H., Barry, V., & Sansbury, G. (2009). The Environment. In W. H. Shaw, V. Barry & G. Sansbury (eds.), Moral Issues in Business (pp. 386-409). South Melbourne: Cengage Learning.
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