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Executive Summary3
1.0 Introduction4
1.1 Research Aim and Objectives4
2.0 Literature Review5
2.1 Employer Branding5
2.2 Employer Brand Management5
2.3 Employer Brand Proposition6
2.4 Relationship between Employer Branding and Internal Marketing6 2.5 The Importance of Employer Brand in an Organization6 - 7 2.6 Brand Thinking8
2.7 Build a Good Employer Brand9 - 10
3.0 Research Methodology 10
3.1 Research Approach and Strategy10
3.2 Type of Data and Data Collection Technique11
3.3 Research Sampling12
4.0 Ethical Issues in Relation to the Research12
4.1 Integrity of Evidence, Honesty and Trust12 - 13
4.2 Research Participation13
5.0 Limitation to the Research13
5.1 Lack of Research Time13 – 14
5.2 Limited Opportunity and Sample Pool14
6.0 Conclusion15
Reference16 - 18

Executive Summary

This report will outline on the how to investigate employer brand in an organization and how employer brand will affect the operation and business of the organization. Research Methodology will be showed in this report, ways to collect data, which is the targeted group and why the technique been selected will also be explained in this report. Besides, this report will showed the important of the employer brand, employer brand management, employer brand proposition, brand thinking and relationship between employer branding and internal marketing.

Other than that, literature review section will showed on how build a good employer brand and what is the things that employer should take note when doing the research. Ethical issues in relation to the research and limitation to the research will be explained in this report as well.

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Research Aim and Objectives

In the business world, we often face various unexpected incidents which caused us to change our plans from time to time in order to meet the situation. Our decision and plans would be adjust and make base on the source of information that we get.

As in this research, the aim of research is to investigate the perception of employer brand in an organization and the extent to which it could be used to enhance recruitment and selection process. Employees seems the most important asset to an organization and winning the war for talent is a critical success factor and that link with the employer brand in an organization. (Engelund H. 2009). By using a systematic and logical research approach, we would be able to know the employer brand of an organization no matter for better or for worse (Ambler,T. and Barrow, S. 1996). It is important to investigate and understand the employer brand in an organization because it will affect and determine the retaining of the employees and also the working attitude that they will perform to serve the organization. If the research carried out and showed that the employer brand in an organization is bad, organization is able to find ways to improve the employer brand and thus, retain the best people and enhance the recruitment and selection process. (Gioia, D.A. 1998)

By using the knowledge from Applied Research Methodology, it will helps to provide further understanding on the perception of employer brand in an organization and thus enhance recruitment and selection processes. A survey will be carried out to the organization’s current employees, former employees, people who have turn down job offers with the organization, people in the same industry, such as vendors, competitors and industry associations, managers from all level within the organization in order to understand the employer brand on that organization.

2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Employer Branding

The term “employer brand” represents what people currently associate with an organization, it also defined as the total of all...
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