Employee Branding

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Employee Branding:

Employee branding is how employees adopt the organizational culture and how the culture influence employees in achieving the band image which is the prime goal of an organization. It is a process of training the employees and makes them understand their responsibilities and their duties with proper motivational factors to reach and build good brand image of the organization with customers. The employee brand is the image presented to an organization's customers and other relevant stakeholders through its employees. The employee branding process is predicated on achieving and maintaining message consistency throughout the organization. Messages emanate from various organizational sources such as the systems of organizational staffing, performance management, and compensation. Each message should reflect and reinforce the organization's desired brand image which, in turn, should be consistent with the organization's mission and values. It is observed that several organizations compete aggressively to attract and retain the best talent. Hence they are increasingly recognizing that directly or indirectly the employer has to brand themselves for attracting talents. The significant observation of the present day situation is that by simply placing an employment advertisement in local paper does not attract quality applicants; rather the quality candidate is more likely to choose their featured organization to work for. Hence corporate try to incorporate more forces of attraction for the best talent, and to do this the need to work on building a powerful employer brand that screams opportunity and prestige is highly called for.  

Benefits of Employer Branding:
* Long-term impact: Successful employer brand can have a positive impact on recruiting for a considerable amount of time while considering any Major PR issues. * Increased volume of spontaneous candidates: The number of applicants tends to increase each year as the employer branding gets stronger. Cases of a 500% increase of applications have also been observed. * Increase in quality of the applicants: The quality of candidates will also improve dramatically; individuals who never would have considered in the past will start applying. * Higher offer-acceptance rates: The rate of acceptance increase proportionately with the increase of image and goodwill of the company. * Higher Employee Motivation: Employees can be easily motivated, or will stay motivated longer in the company because of the perceived pride in working for the company, and better management practices (generally) that is tied-in with the company's brand image, thus making it a company people work for because they chose. * A stronger corporate culture: Employment branding can help strengthen firm's corporate culture because of the inertia it gains from the very essence of employer branding; making a company desirable to work for. * Diminished negative publicity and image: Effective branding can pinpoint problems by dealing with negative comments and preparing effective counter measures. * Increased manager satisfaction: As a direct result of increased interest from more able and proficient applicants, the managers will have more time for managerial functions as the demand to devote more time to recruitment process will decrease with the quality of the applicant group. * Healthy competition: Employer branding is similar to product branding. Hence to keep a company desirable, it has to update its UPS and keep up with its promise of delivery. This increases healthy competition and also makes the companies better by the minute. * Increased shareholder value: The ripple effect of the company's goodwill via employer branding can also positively impact a firm's stock price. * Support for the product brand: If a company has a brilliant brand image, it is more likely that its product will reap the benefits of it and be branded automatically. This helps...
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