effects of globalisation on environment

Topics: Globalization, Carbon dioxide, Natural environment Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: October 8, 2013
Though there is no unique definition that the term globalization lends itself to,it can simply be defined as the increasing and intensified flows between countries-goods, services,capital,ideas,information,and people which produce crossborder integration on a number of social,economic and cultural activities. Although economic forces are an integral part of globalization,it would be wrong to suggest that they alone produce it.Globalisation is created by the coming together of political,social,cultural and economic factors.It has been driven forward above all by the development of information and communication technologies that have intensified the speed and scope of interaction between people all over the world.Globalisation has today become a major sort of debate among academicians, policy makers and NGOs. Its impact is profound. Despite the continuing emphasis on promoting global prosperity and achieving a more “just world,” negative aspects of globalization remain rife in our society. Poverties, inequalities, injustices, starvations, backwardness and marginalizations are all serious problems that have made the world insecure today . The purpose of this paper is to examine the negative aspects of globalization and realize how one could successfully deal with the challenge it poses. The study shows that though globalization is a process by which capital, goods, services and labour cross national borders, and acquire a transnational character, it is often accompanied by the flow of related lifestyles, tastes, ideas, and even values across boundaries which bring about social,cultural and even economic insecurities around the globe.

The major negative impact of globalisation on the environment is that of export-orientated destruction. The overuse of natural resources due to increased demand and also the removal of ecosystems due to population growth have had a large negative impact on the...
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