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Chapter 10

Slow Development Under Spain

Due to the lack of interest of Spain in practical matters, Spanish was more interested in the Catholic Religion and in dreaming of an empire of Asia. The Spaniards did not really know how make money grow.

It was good that Spain did not develop our resources then, only the Spaniards would have benefited. The Filipinos did not really share in the wealth of the nation.

The following are the economic changes made by Spain :

New Way of Land Ownership

Spain introduced the idea that a person and is family could own land.

An Encomienda was the money from the tribute upon a certain conqured territory. It was given by the king to a Spanish conquistador (colonizer) as a reward for his services. In 1951, there were 267 encomiendas in the Philippines.

The Tribute was the residence tas during that time. The tribute was replaced 1884 by the cedula tax because the Spanish officials cheated and oppressed them.

Polo or Forced Labor

All male Filipinos form 16 to 60 years old were forced to work like building roads and bridges.

Abolition of Slavery

Filipinos could own slaves like owned property. In the 16th century, the Spanish missionaries protested to the king about keeping of slaves in the Philippines.

Galleon Trade and Subsidy from Mexico
It was named after the sailing ship which sailed once a year from Manila to Acapulco, Mexico and back. Products includes ( silk, porcelain, cloth, hemp, cigars, silver pesos, wines, woods, sardines, official documents). Real Situado-Royal Subsidy – The Spanish colonial government always needed money to keep on running.

Introduction of New Plants and Animals

Plants: (corn, coffee, beans, achuete, maguey peanuts, chico and papaya) Animals: ( sheep, cattle, goats, horses, pigeons, swans, carabaos, ducks, geese, chickens).

Introduction of New Industries

( Better methods of farming, cattle-ranching, making of candles...
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