Ecological Services of Rivers

Topics: Natural environment, Ecosystem, Biodiversity Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: March 13, 2012
Ecological Services of Rivers
R Kuzniar

What is the concept of ecological services? What are ecological services of rivers and why are they important? What ecological services of rivers will decline due to human influence and why they will decline? Keywords: purification, wildlife, decline

Ecological Services of Rivers
What is an ecological service? An ecological service is an ecosystem which serves all living organisms through all types of environmental purifications. We are using these services to help better service us and to also help the environment. There are multiple types of ecological services which provide for animals and human. Some of these ecological services consist of but not limited to purification of air, water, groundwater recharge with wetlands, and rivers. Ecological services are valuable for many reasons, including economic benefits, protection of human health and safety, and support of recreational or aesthetic enjoyment. When ecosystems are not healthy, some or all of the services they provide to people may be lost. Replacing these services is often completely beyond current technology, and even when we can replace them, it is usually prohibitively expensive to do so. The overall concept of these ecological services is to provide a better ecosystem to live and thrive as a whole. The two most important ecological services from a river would be purify water and provide habitats for wildlife. The purification of water is a huge benefit to us as humans today. Water makes up a huge percentage of our body. Drinking clean purified water helps keep us from getting sick from diseases. This purified water occurs in nature in several ways. When it rains forest, woodlands, and wetlands act like a sponge for the water to slow down and enter streams, which flow into rivers. Naturally the world cleans itself. We as humans have messed with the natural purification from rivers so we now purify our water again to drink....

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