Dove Case

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Dove: Evolution of a Brand
Unilever was formed in 1930 when the U.K-based Lever Brothers combined with the Dutch Margarine Unie, a logical merger given that both companies depended on palm oil, one for soaps and the other for edible oil products. It operated on every continent and described itself as combing local roots with global scale. Positioning

In the 1950’s: The first Dove product, called a beauty bar, was launched in 1957. It would not dry out skin the way soap did. The company used blend of marketing communication tools, for example television, print, and billboards. The advertising convey the message “Dove soap doesn’t dry your skin because it’s one-quarter cleansing cream” to consumers. The advertising aspired to project honesty and authenticity, preferring to have natural looking women testifying to Dove’s benefits. Dove position itself in beauty industry and focus on function benefits. At the same time, it had a successful marketing communications. Dove became one of America’s most recognizable brand icons. In 2007, Dove was the world’s number-one “cleansing” brand in the health and beauty sector. The product categories include hair care, deodorants, anti-perspirants and body lotions. The company launched Real Beauty and Self Esteem campaign. It appealed to aesthetic needs of the consumers. Dove did not just focus on functional benefits, but also on need to feel good. The company shift from broadcast media to digital media, YouTube & Blogs. Masterbrand Strategy

In February 2000 Unilever embarked on a five-year strategic initiative called “Path to Growth.” This initiative winnowed more than 1600 brands down to 400. And a small number would be selected as “Masterbrand”, and mandated to serve as umbrella identities over a range of product forms. There would be a global brand unit for each Masterbrand. The company embarked this initiative because of following reasons. (a) Global decentralization brought strengths through diversity,...
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