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1. What kinds of systems are described in this case? Identify and describe the business processes each supports. Describe the inputs, processes, and outputs of these systems. Transaction processing system.  

They are taking and customizing orders using a touch-screen interface, maintaining sales figures, and compiling customer information.   inputs, they capture data about customer orders, purchase orders etc.   processes, they record these data, and store it in host machine.   outputs are in the form of documents such as income statement, sales figures and customer information. Decision support system

Input: Overcome its reputation for poor quality of home delivered pizza Process: improved ingredients and freshness of pizza, implementing pulse, online tracker and polling output: online orders account for almost 20% of all domino’s orders. Online ordering system

Input: taking online orders
process: making pizza and providing online status of pizza ordered Output: pizza delivered
2. How do these systems help Domino’s improve its business performance?

These systems can reduce business costs, improve information accuracy, and improve service level.   And each transaction is processed immediately and the affected records are updated.

3. How did the online pizza ordering system improve the process of ordering a Domino’s pizza?

According to the case, consumers can go to Domino’s website through connecting with the Internet anywhere, and order pizzas whatever they like.   The system allows customers to watch a simulated photographic version of their pizza as they customize its size, sauces, and toppings.   The image changes with each change a customer makes.   Then, once customers place an order, they are able to view its progress online with Pizza Tracker.   Pizza Tracker displays a horizontal bar that tracks an order’s progress graphically.   Consumers can know anything about their orders. The system also reduces the mistake.

4. How effective are these systems in giving Domino’s a competitive edge? Explain your answer. Pizza Tracker and the simulated pizza features are more convenient than others. The system is easier to update and more secure, Other companies, like Pizza Hut and Papa John, also have online ordering capability, but lack the Pizza Tracker and the simulated pizza features that Domino’s has successfully implemented. Company improved its customer service, reduced mistakes, and reduced training times by improving its transaction processing system. Pizzas Tracker and on-line ordering system let them have more competition in the market. MIS IN ACTION

1. What steps does pizza tracker displays for the user? How does the pizza tracker improve the customer experience? The pizza tracker displays the 5 step shown in the following figure:

The first step in Dominos Pizza Tracker is “Order Placed” and you see the name of who took your order. The second step is “Prep” which takes into effect immediately after order is placed and is not updated by the dominos team but by the system itself. At this step you see the name of the person prepping the order.   The 3rd Step is “Bake”. At this point the order is placed in the conveyor oven. The 4th step is the “Quality Check”. At this point you see the name of the person that is going to pack your order and they check the pizza for imperfections, then they pack it and send it out for delivery. The 5th and Final Step is ”Out for Delivery” which of course means its out for delivery. The entire process according to dominos takes about 30 minutes or less. The Domino’s Tracker improve the customer experience by making ordering pizza interactive, fun and efficient- all with a personal touch. 2. Would the pizza tracker service influence you to order pizza from domino’s instead of a competing chain? Why or why not? Yes, it influenced me to order at least once from online...
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