Do Social Media Contests Really Help in Branding or Do They Die Away as Mere Publicity Stunts?"

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Do social media contests really help in branding or do they die away as mere publicity stunts?"

Social Media contests in particular have gained in popularity and can be a powerful catalyst for spreading a brand’s message where it matters most. Online marketers are finding that social media is great for holding online contests that boost awareness and engagement for consumer brands. One of the most tempting types of social contests for brands to run is the “Retweet to Win” style contest on Twitter or “Get more likes” as you can on Facebook. These are not just the publicity stunts but create a lasting impact of product’s image on one’s mind. People use social media in their free time, rather than just traditional use for updating their status or uploading pictures. The contests provide them a chance to do the new things. These make consumers associate a specific product with a specific manufacturer. These should aim at involving people, their ideas and the way they want to see the product. It not only helps in knowing what the consumer wants but getting them design what they want. A bond is created between the product brand and the customer. As others can also see a person’s activity, some of them also try them. A company can ask the contestants to identify the characteristics of their product and thus increasing the awareness regarding it. The latest 4E mix is must to be considered. This is engage, educate, excite, and evangelize. Only a well define strategic contest can help in creating a niche. As more and more of young generation is getting divert from television to social media. The role of online contests in creating branding is increasing. But people don’t search for brands rather solutions to daily lives. Thus, companies need to be the ‘solution provider’.
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