Discuss the importance of Mai Po Nature Reserve.

Topics: Habitat conservation, Wildlife, Heron Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: October 31, 2013
Mai Po Nature Reserve, which is the finest locations for wetland biodiversity among Asia, is located on the northwestern corner of Hong Kong. Mai Po Nature Reserve is a home to diverse habitats that support a wide range of species, and is a renowned haven for migratory birds.

Firstly of all, Mai Po is provided a natural habitat for resident birds such as Little Egret. Also, it provides a habitat for migratory birds such as Black-faced spoonbill which are flying southward to Hong Kong in mid-winter every year. Since Mai Po Nature Reserve is a important feeding for the migratory birds to stay in order to avoid the cold weather in the northern part of the world.

Moreover, mangrove can be found in the brackish areas in Mai Po Nature Reserve. Mangrove is a habitat of high productivity and biodiversity. It is important for fish and shrimps because mangrove is a source of food for them. Mangrove is also an important roosting habitat for many wildlife species such as migratory birds, Grey Heron.

There are different types of birds are living in Mai Po because these habitat provide food and shelter varied wildlife. Food chain can be found there. For example, mangrove is a kind of food for fishes and shrimps. Then the mangrove is producer while fishes and shrimps are secondary primary consumers. And people who have the fish or shrimp for meals are the secondary. If one of them disappears, then all the consumers will die finally.

Furthermore, the biodiversity of Mai Po is high since there are gene pools. The evolution of species increase, the combination is increased.
In conclusion, Mai Po Nature Reserve in an important nature environment for varied wildlife that provides food and shelter for them.
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