Diesel Marketing Strategy

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Diesel's marketing strategy

Part I: Product                                                                                                                              I.Competitive Analysis                                                                                                   a.     Inter-segment competition

b. Inter-product competition
II.Brand: Diesel                                                                                                                a.     The character of the product
o       Weight of product families
o       Weight of suppliers
o       Width, depth and consistency of the range o       Novelty
o       Maintenance of the assortment
o       Style
b.Balance brands, not brands
Part II: Price                                                                                                                              I. Positioning relative to competition                                                        II. Its modulation by product line or brand management                         III. The promotion policy                                                                                                  Part III: Promotion                                                                                                   I.Objectives                                                                                                   II.Strategy                                                                                                                               a.     Online Media

b. Offline Media
Part IV: Implementation                                                                                                  I.The classification criteria                                                                                   II.Signaling, development and optimization of the range                             

Jeans are a classic and timeless piece of clothing. This product is now worn by all generations across the globe. At a time when the number of brands offering jeans have grown considerably, Levi's, the market leader, now faces strong competition from Diesel, which has emerged as a must-have brand owing to its originality and creativity, with daring and provocative style and cuts.

Founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso (photo), the company offered an entirely novel concept: original jeans, achieved through sophisticated washes and treatments, mixing influences and breaking conventions. Beyond the creation of jeans, Diesel advocates a state of mind - be open to novelty and be honest with yourself. Indeed, the brand is not just about jeans , rather it is more to do with a lifestyle. Diesel’s logo illustrates the identity and brand philosophy: the profile of a Mohican with the slogan "Only the Brave" reflects the rebellious spirit and willingness to stand out.  

The brand is known for its stone washed jeans which give it a naturally faded look, it is now the world number two on the jeans market, behind Levi’s, even though treatments for customization are found in the ranges of most manufacturers of jeans.  

Formerly perceived as working clothes and everyday clothes, jeans...
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