Topics: Truth, Belief, A Retrieved Reformation Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: December 17, 2013
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The question today is, is the truth the same for everybody. The answer to that question is yes and no. I say that because if were in an argument about something there is only one truth to that. But, if we have different beliefs in something then no the truth isn’t the same. I’m picking one answer today and that’s no. To me everyone has a different point of view, and belief. So their truth can be very opposite and different. Truth is basically based on belief.

Everyone’s truth can have a different point to it. My truth can be that I like to play video games 5hrs a day, and a classmate’s truth can be that she/or he likes to read books for that same amount of time. Example: in the story “A retrieved reformation O.Henry” Jimmy Valentine’s truth was that he was a thief, robber, and broke locks. His truth was that he was basically an unknown criminal. And no one else in the same exact story had that truth, see the truth is not always the same. Everyone in each story we’re different people, with different lives, and different beliefs. Even, in the stories these people have different opinions.

Also in life people could like one thing, and other people could dislike one thing. Like for example in the story “ Peter and Rosa ” Peter had a huge ship that he always took care of. And, he loved the ship so much maybe more than his wife Rosa. His truth was that he loved his ship to death, and was always spending time with it. While on the other hand Rosa disliked the ship so much because her husband spent so much time with the boat. And with that time he could’ve been spending it with her. Her truth was that she was jealous of the ship, and hated that he spent so much time with it. Also in the story “The 11:59” Lester was a part of this death train when every one dies in a turn. Lester truth was that he was afraid to die, and couldn’t face the fact that his life was about to end at 11:59....
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