Dawood Lawrencepur Ltd

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Dawood Group History
1905 Ahmed Dawood was born in Bantva, a renowned place in the state of Kathiawar, India. 1917 Ahmed Dawood went to his grandfather, Abdul Ghani Haji Noor Mohammad in a small town Terichura in the state of Maysore to learn under his guidance. He worked in his Grandfathers shop of cotton yarn and various utilities for about two years, where he was introduced to the business basics. 1918 Owing to the keen interest of Ahmed Dawood in business, his Grandfather sent him to Shimoga, Maysore, to his business partner Hashim Haji Ghani. There he worked very hard in a large cereals store for two years. His responsibilities included business dealings, accounting, interacting with labor, ensuring deliveries and payment etc. He also started travelling in nearby towns for business. 1920 After the death of his father, Ahmed Dawood decided to run his own business. With his little savings, at the age of 15, migrated to Bombay. Under the supervision of his Grandfather he established his own shop in Hanuman Building, Tambakatha. Ahmed Dawood started his own shop and named it M/s Salman Ahmed after his younger brother and himself. 1941 Ahmed Dawood migrated back to his homeland Bantva. 1947 Mr. Ahmed Dawood migrated to Pakistan. Understanding the need for industrial development as the only means for the prosperity of this newly born state, he initiated a number of industrial projects in East and West Pakistan. 1949 Lawrencepur woolen & Textile Mills were founded, and acquired its name after the Military Commander of the area before Independence, Sir John Lawrence. 1952

Pakistan's industrial sector was lacking in textile processing units due to the non-availability of quality yarn. Realizing this need, Dawood Cotton Mills Limited was set up in Karachi, which commenced production in January 1952. 1954 Burewala Textile Mills Limited was established at Burewala, District Vehari, in Punjab. It was one of the largest spinning and weaving mills of Pakistan at that time producing 100% cotton yarn and Grey Fabrics. Lawrencepur Woolen & Textile Mills became operational and produced yarn for hand knotted carpets, blanket for Armed Forces, tweed and worsted fabrics. 1960 Central Insurance Company was established. The company operated in all major cities of Pakistan and transacted all conventional forms of insurance covers successfully. Lawrencepur Woolen & Textile Mills saw a revolutionary change as Dawood Group took over the mills. The new management took radical steps to expand and modernize the production facilities. 1961 Dawood Foundation, a public charity trust, was founded. 1967-68 Dillon Limited, Pakistan’s first Nylon Yarn Producer, was established in Karachi. Dawood Hercules Chemicals Limited was established as a joint venture between the Dawood Group of Industries and Hercules Chemicals Inc. of the USA. It was the first private sector venture in Pakistan to receive a loan by the World Bank. 1971-74 In East Pakistan, Mr. Ahmed Dawood established Karnaphuli Paper Mills. He also founded, Karnaphuli Rayon & Chemicals Limited, Dawood Jute Mills and Dawood Shipping Company. All his investment in East Pakistan were lost with the creation of Bangladesh in 1971.The East Pakistan industrial undertakings constituted almost 60% of the Group’s activities. Mr. Ahmed Dawood's business enterprise suffered further setbacks as the Government of Pakistan nationalized a number of large Pakistani industrial undertakings and the Group lost its flagship company, Dawood Petroleum Limited. 1984

Keeping in view the industrial development of the country, a new polyester plant was installed at Dillon unit with the daily capacity 4.5 ton of flat and textured filament yarn. 1996 Burewala Textile Mills became Pakistan’s first spinning and weaving mill to receive prestigious ISO 9001 certification. 1998 In April 1998, Lawrencepur Woolen & Textile Mills obtained ISO 9001 certification. 2004 Amalgamation of all textile companies of the Dawood group...
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