Danone Essay

Topics: Yoghurt, Brand management, Management Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Dannon: A Rich & Creamy Culture You Could Taste

‘Something Special Inside.’ Whether you’re trying to get hired, walking into headquarters, or looking at any piece of informational material, this slogan will always be seen. Yet what it means is very mysterious. It doesn’t tell you the market or product, you don’t know what is actually special, and it could really be used for a multitude of companies. Nonetheless, every single employee knows it by heart and comes across it every day. Welcome to Dannon. The world leader in fresh dairy products, Danone is the French parent company of the brand named Dannon in the United States. While mostly known to Americans for its extensive yogurt line, some more familiar with the company also recognize it for its line of waters, such as Evian and Volvic. There exist several main dairy companies, specifically dealing with yogurt, but only this one has a mission statement of bringing health to the greatest number of people across America. As a past summer marketing intern for the company, I believe it is this statement that differentiates the company from any others, and is what truly makes employees yearn to be the best. When there is a sense of health and doing good, employees naturally enjoy working for the company more; they feel a sense of well-being that one cannot get from working for any other establishment where the key role is marketing or selling as much product to a consumer as possible. Being happy while doing this work directly leads to its great sense of culture, which is crucial in helping to achieve the alliance with its vision for a healthier society. Having become a massive player in the yogurt arena with a full lineup of yogurts for every target and functional need and occasion, Dannon stands tall and strong as a leader. However, its biggest threat still remains among existing competitors as well as new key entrants. To clearly identify this, let’s look at a fairly recent example of the emergence of Greek...
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