Creating a New Brand in a Competitive Environment

Topics: Marketing, LVMH, Brand Pages: 10 (3440 words) Published: April 21, 2013

The purpose of this document is to show how the marketing has changed to adapt to the modern world, and international companies work to offer the best services and product, competing with other firms. Some Marketing tools have varied depending on the approach; this is why some companies prefer to use a disparity of elements to attract customers and retain them, offering some added value. In the research it is possible to find different theories applied to real examples, and taking companies such as Diageo, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy (LVMH), and SABMiller like an example, to introduce a new product in an unexplored segment. Beginning with a short background explaining how the main company works, their star product and direct and indirect competitors. Also, it has discussed about the challenges that this companies have been facing and how they solve these issues, implementing some strategies. The Swot will be explained more in detail, which is important to know the internal and external forces, are influence the company stability. The differentiation is also important, because this gives to the company uniqueness, originality and authenticity part that consumers see it like added value. After an intensive study, the recommendations to launch a successful product are made to implement in a new market, avoiding imitations and confusion in customers, due to the huge range of competitions in the same sector. Diageo is always caring about their customers; they support campaigns to avoid underage drinkers.


1. Case Background 4
2. Key Findings 5
2.1. What is the real challenge that Guinness faces at the market? 5
2.2. More than a want 5
2.3. A big competition5
2.4. Marketing Channels 6
2.5. Finding main challenges in the competition6
2.6. Segmenting Markets7
2.7. SWOT7
2.8. Designing a marketing plan8
2.8.1. Opportunities in the UK market 8
2.8.2. Target Market 9
2.8.3. The New 4 P’s 9
2.9. Creating Brand value 10
2.10. Branding 11
2.11. Differentiation strategies 11
Recommendations 12
Conclusions 13

The main purpose of this assignment, it is to explore different marketing approaches in current markets, apply a disparity of theories studied at class and expose perspectives from both sides in the market, consumers-companies. In general, this project will focus in how to launch a product in a competitive market, where the beer will be the main competitor. Introducing companies such as Diageo, which has a short trajectory but its brands a long heritage history, Louis Vuitton Moet and Hennesy is recognizing for their luxury products; and SABMiller, the variety is the strong part.


Diageo is one of the market leaders in premium beverages companies; they provide a huge range of alcoholic drinks, for example, spirits, beers and wines. They include brands such as Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, J&B and among many other. Besides this, it is possible to find this company in roughly 180 markets, employing more than 25.000 people with 80 offices. Its company structures and orientation is classified in Geographic, this is why Diageo desires sell the right product to the right customer, and therefore certain products are selling according to the demand of each country. In UK, Guinness is the most popular beer in Bars and Pubs, and it is not only its taste, is also the way to communicate the correct message, which I will discuss in more detail. Apart from this, it has been rated one the top tasting beers around Great Britain. Additionally, having a long heritage makes this brand stronger and trustworthy for drinking people. However, positioned companies, like Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy (LVMH) and SABMiller, do not facilitate its distribution and selling, so to differentiate each company has worked in...
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