Corporate Identity and Brand Management

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Brand Management
Prof. Agatep Hope

Individual Assignment
HE YUTIAN (Stephen)

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Page1-4-----------------Introduction about Li Ning Company (Background, issue and challenge) Page4-7-----------------How Li Ning Company undertake those problems Page7-9-----------------Conclusion and Recommendation

Page10-----------------Referencing list

In organizational management, identifying corporation and managing brand are the significant and strategic processes for keeping organization operating healthy and helping it achieve its organizational objectives effectively. Generally, both of them are designed to create corporate culture and personality for recognizing “who are we?” and “where are we going?” and made sense of corporation in ongoing social interaction with other actors in a specific environment. At the same time, a successful brand is able to create relationships or connections between a business’s product or service and the emotional perception and reorganization from consumer, and build strong loyalty among consumers. In reality, it is impossible for any business or corporation’s individual, country and international levels in specific brand management and corporate identity to prevent the effect from a range of micro and macro issues. It is usually for a brand regarding its size to face challenges, when it is trying to promote itself to global level because of its strategic expansion and its newness. In China, there is a brand which called Li Ning can be an appropriate case for understanding the importance of how to identify a corporation and manage a brand well. Li Ning Company is founded in 1990 by Li Ning who is the current chairman, and it is the biggest Chinese athletic company which makes athletic shoes, apparel, sports equipment and accessories. (Li Ning Company Limited, 2012) “Anything is possible” is the brand slogan of Li Ning and it is aiming to become global leading athletic companying in the world. (Li Ning, 2012) According to Li Ning who is the current chairman of Li Ning Company, he said that “Anything is possible” is the spirit of brand, and if this spirit can integrate to customers successfully, it will become undefeatable. (Profile: For Li Ning, anything is possible, 2008.)In China, Li Ning’s meaning is always more than just a brand; instead, it is a significant spirit and culture for most of the Chinese. It is a professional athletic brand which is truly represent China, the first Chinese brand which has sponsorship with 2008 Beijing Olympics, first Chinese brand collaborates with the National Basketball Association (NBA) in United States, and first Chinese athletic brand sponsors foreign top-level sport-team like Spain and Argentina. (Li Ning Flying high in China sport, 2012)Originally, Li Ning aims to drive the growth of sport in China and let sport change people’s life. Basing on the a mass of investment in sport of China, Li Ning already becomes a part of Chinese’s life and provides familiar, attractive and fashionable sense for every customers. From the economic view, Li Ning Company gains around US$220.9 million net income in 2010, and it already operated more than 4,297 Li Ning retail stores all over the world by 2007. (Press releases of Li Ning Company, 2011)In summary, Li Ning Company achieves impressive economic profit and healthy reputation successfully before implementing a specific strategy. In 2009, this year must be the significant turning point for Li Ning Company, as it starts internationalizing its brand comprehensively and international rebranding. Strategically, it applies the similar distinguish approaches of NIKE and Adidas those global giant alligators, and accelerates the international developments. It is aiming to compete with NIKE and Adidas those giant athletic brands and become the top 5 athletic brand in the world, which are identifying in its strategic plan between 2013 and 2018. (Li Ning...
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