Consumer Preference of international Brands over local brands in FMCG Products

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Consumer Preference of international Brands over local brands in FMCG Products

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The study is aimed to determine the consumer preference of international brands over local brands in FMCG Products. As Pakistan is a poor nation where per capita income is $1254. In this kind of scenario it looks very difficult for an Average Pakistani to buy an International Brand. Other factors are also important to buy an international brand such as Information regarding the product, Advertising campaign of the product and the awareness of the product. Sample of this Research is taken from the 100 (Hundred) Students of “Pakistan air force Karachi institute of Economics and technology” (PAF-KIET) from which Fifty are male students and Fifty are female Students. It has been found that the consumers like to prefer International brands instead of local brands because they think that international brands are durable and reliable and local brands are lacking these two qualities. Introduction:-

There are so many researches in the world which are similar to my research but I think my research may help international manufacturers and local manufacturers to understand the consumer preference of Pakistani while selecting a brand. World is become Smaller day by day so as international firms are trying to chase their target consumer almost at every place on the earth. In Pakistan there are so many cultures having so many beautiful colors are also playing their part in order to buy any product. Purpose of Study:-

Why consumers in Pakistan are considering international brands over local brands in FMCG products? If they prefer international brand over local brand so what are the reasons behind it? Are there any issue regarding the durability, quality and price between the international and local FMCG Products? Problem Statement:-

Consumers in today’s world have so many choices about the single product. Therefore Consumer can switch from one product to another very easily. Objective:-
Objective of this research is to know the preference of the Pakistani consumer of international brands over local brands. Scope of the Study: -
This research is based on the audience of PAF-KIET and it will discuss the consumer preference for international product over local product. FMCG products will be the focus of the research. Delimitations:-

My Research will only cover hundred students of PAF-KIET.
Respondents may not answer honestly and can give wrong replies while filling out the questionnaire. My Research does not contain any category of goods. This Research is only based on FMCG Products. Literature Review:-

Before move any further, let me define some terms. This may help to understand about the consumer, International brands and Local Brands. Consumers:-
Consumer is the person who purchases the product and uses it. Consumers are those who buy finished product and the opposite of the consumers are producers who made the product and then allow consumers to have them. Brand:-

Brand is a Product`s asset which company tries to made into the mind of the consumer, has the higher image and consumer knows it by its Brand`s name, term, sign, design, or a combination of them.

A company can define its business by telling their consumers who they are and what their product is all about and how their product can satisfy the need of the consumer. Culture: -

Culture is very important factor for consumer to buy any product because culture is an extraction of values and beliefs that inherited by one generation to another. Culture also helps a Person that how to wear and what to eat, as well as where to live. In Pakistan there are so many cultures and we can also say that Pakistan is the country of many different colors. So many languages are spoken in Pakistan and so many communities are...
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