Consumer Behavior Towards Ariel and Surf Excel

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Introduction of FMCG Industry
The FMCG sector which has been the foundation of the Indian Economy, started to take its shape only during the last fifty odd years. The sector touches each facet of human life providing consumers non-durable goods required for daily or regular use. So, it easier said than done to describe an industry whose range is so huge. The FMCG sector consists mainly of sub segments like personal care, oral care and household products. HUL, P&G, Britannia are the major Indian consumer product companies which have very strong presence through their strong brands. The wide distribution network, diversified portfolios and scale economies of these companies deter new players from entering into the market. Therefore, Brand Equity is an extremely important factor in FMCG Industry where as ability to build, develop, and maintain a wide distribution network is one of the critical factors. .

History of Fabric Wash Market In India
The size of fabric wash market in India is around Rs. 8800 crores whereas the total volume is about 2.3 millions. Hindustan Lever Limited (HUL), Procter and Gamble (P&G) key players in fabric market of India. Surf Excel enjoys 37.8% market share compared to 7.7% of Ariel. The per capita consumption of detergents in India is 2.7 kg per annum. The synthetic detergent market can be classified into three main categories: * Premium (Surf Excel and Ariel) – 15% of total market * Mid Price (Rin and Wheel) – 40% of total market

* Popular (Nirma) – 45% of total market
Surf Excel
Surf Excel is product of Hindustan Lever Limited (HUL), which was formed in the year 1933 as Lever Brothers India Limited and came into being in 1956 as Hindustan Lever Limited through the merger of Lever Brothers, Hindustan Vanaspathi Manufacturing Company Limited and United Traders Limited. The company believes that dirt is a valuable way to enhance lives, both young and old. To make certain everyone, anywhere in the country, can contribute to in this imitative, Unilever invests heavily in developing a range that suits the pockets of all income groups. This has included launching affordable packs that not only offer the top clean advantage of Surf Excel, but also reduce the time, physical effort and amount of water needed to wash the clothes by hand. Surf Excel products in the market are Surf Excel Blue, Surf Excel Quick Wash, Surf Excel Automatic and Surf Excel Detergent Bar.

Ariel, a product of Procter and Gamble (P&G), was introduced in India in the year 1991. Procter and Gamble is a marketing range of consumer goods product. Ariel detergent gives impeccable cleaning in stain removal. It contains unique ingredients that cannot be found in other detergents, thus it is designed to remove a multitude of stains better. Ariel is perfect for everybody washing needs. The unique formula bas been designed to give brilliant cleaning and long lasting freshness. Ariel is available in three variants namely, Ariel Fresh Clean, Ariel Spring Clean and Ariel Front or Mar.

Total Customer Benefits
Total customer benefit is the difference between total customer cost and total customer values. Total customer cost is the cost that customer expects to incur in evaluating, obtaining, using and disposing of the product or service. Every value deliver to customer involves cost. Total customer value is the perceived benefit that the customer associated with the product. It’s not only about the core benefit of the product but the number of the benefit associated. Mainly in customers look for the function such as: The customer cost in purchasing Surf Excel is low because of availability of the product due to wide spread network of HUL, strong brand recognition and heavy advertisement. The customers save cost in evaluating the brand with competitors and also save the cost in purchasing also. While purchasing the product customer will not only look for the benefit, he will also look for...

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