Consumer Behavior

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Entrepreneurial Marketing
Shekia Lightbourne
February 23, 2014

Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategy

How to position myself as a brand? Haven't we all asked ourselves this question before? Whether it has been when applying for a job, or working for a promotion on the job, we all come to a point where we want to distinguish ourselves as “a cut above the rest” when amongst the “people that matter” in our lives. In this day in age you need to build your own brand. Long gone are the days of individuals staying at a job for fifteen to twenty years. You have got to be an expert on something. The most important job that you have today is to be the President of your own brand.When positioning yourself as a brand, there are many simple factors to consider. Below are a few techniques that I have learnt to put into practice, and still am trying to perfect.

The key to all great brands from the large MNC's of this world to the small convenience store

down the street is consistency. Companies spend billions of dollars every year ensuring that

each of their brand focus on certain points. Whether it be a point of sale, a banner

advertisement or a promotion booth; they all must still attract the exact same look and feel.

That is exactly how I am going to make sure that my own personal brand stands out from

the crowd. So once I made the decision to position myself, I will need to ensure that I

demonstrate uniformity across every potential channel through which an employer might be

able to find me.

Identify my qualities, traits, beliefs and values. I will ask myself what are the adjectives that my family, friends and co-workers would use to describe me best? My personal brand is all of these things. Until recently, my personal brand lived outside the world wide web, in written words, verbal exchanges with others and through completed actions. My personal brand used to start and end with me, the person, in the flesh.

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