Consumer Behavior

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“If you are not a brand, you are a commodity.”- Philip Kotler

Clothing is identified as one of the basic necessities of life. However in the present era of globalization and the fast moving world, clothing is no longer considered as only a basic necessity rather they tend to add value to our personalities and give non verbal information regarding our backgrounds, lifestyles, attitudes, preferences and even represent our personal identity (Tam,K.K., p1)

The modern era of marketing has identified the importance of branding as one of the key elements to develop competitive advantage. With the rising technological development the products and services being produced are moving towards homogeneity in terms of product quality, distribution, cost of production restricting the companies to achieve the much required competitive edge. Hence there is a rising need for companies to focus on branding in order to be able to deliver superior experience and attract more and more customers. According to Moos, K.V., “ The symbolic values associated with brand names have become the basis for product differentiation with leading strategies attempting to emulate key factors that are conductive to key behaviors associated with consumer purchasing patterns”.(2005).

The clothing market across the world have seen a number of changes over the past decade with the emergence of a number of fashion brands in the industry and with the use of effective branding strategies have been successful in acquiring a share of the market . The companies identifying immense competition in the market look for niches in the market and have identified the youth population as a key segment of the market to appeal to and accordingly have developed integrated marketing strategies to attract the following segment of the market. The consumer buying behavior of clothing is effected by a number of factors including, fashion, comfort level , design , style and cut edge of the products, brand image associated with the clothing , advise of the family members , acceptance of the society etc and the study is aimed at evaluating the impact of brand image on the purchase decision of the youth of Dhaka city as it stands as branding strategies form one of the key elements of the overall marketing strategy and a evaluation of the impact of the brand image in the consumer behavior of the youth of Dhaka city of critical importance to development of an efficient marketing mix.


The age group referred to as youth in this survey includes respondents aged between 15-29 and form an important segment of the market for the developing clothing brands of the Dhaka city as they have highly diversified buying behaviors and participate actively in the purchase decision making process of the households. In the study of Fernandez,P.R., on “Impact of Branding on Gen Y’s Choice of Clothing” it can be identified that the factors that affect the buying behavior includes Motivational factors, Role of reference groups, Role of Advertisement.(2009, pp3)

The motivational factors refer to the concepts such as individuality, prestige, the buying situation and other physiological variables that influence consumer decision making process. Factors are highly critical to the age group of 18-22 as they are at an early age and are involved in seeking knowledge about products and services to add value to their identities and if these age group can be tapped by corporation through branding they can be of valuable assets to the firm. As individuals tend to grow older the search for new products and services declines and they would stick to already evaluated products and services.

The Role of reference group is also very crucial and would include family and friends as well as the society . Often the choice for a particular brand is a conscious or subconscious result for seeking acceptance in a particular social group...

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