Consumer Behavior

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“Comparative analysis of consumer preferences for women clothing brands in Pakistan” Foreign brands Vs Local brand
Consumer Behavior

Research Project Report

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1. Introduction.

The topic is being researched upon because the Pakistani women now play a vital role in the economy of Pakistan and now have a greater buying power and consumption pattern while purchasing clothes. Clothing is one of the most essential factors of one’s daily life, especially when it comes to women. Gone are the days when women used to sit back at home and their husbands used to shop and buy them a dress a month. Contrary to it the contemporary fashion market is being revolutionized and being known by the women clothing industry at its major part

1.2 Background

Globalization has lead to a vast information and decision making set for everyone. Due to globalization, people are aware of product, their attributes, quality, prices and the number of substitutes they can refer for a certain product or service. As a result of globalization, a gap between nations and their culture have reduced, and people are adopting the trends of other countries along side with their own. Since the last few decades, Pakistan has also been experiencing a swift and rapid rate towards urbanization. People have become knowledgeable and are familiar with the latest trends of the on-going world. A huge change is observed within the people of Pakistan in terms of their life routine and lifestyle.

Women in Pakistan are carrying out a wider role. There is a profound change observed in the female of the country. They have realized their own importance; have started to take steps for their right, becoming more educated, marrying later, having lesser kids with an age difference between them and participating in the growing women workforce of the nation. Since the increase in the number of working women, they now have a greater purchasing decisions making and purchasing power.

It is found out that females show positive attitudes towards products made in their own country but the some of them could be swayed to choose foreign products if quality and price considerations were sufficiently favorable.[1] Specifically, they observed that consumers may not accept inferior-quality domestic products when superior foreign products are available. They concluded that consumer attitudes toward products of foreign origin vary significantly across product classes. Since consumer attitude is greatly influenced by cultural and social environment therefore it is necessary to study the consumer impression formation pattern within Pakistan. The present study, thus, focuses on the impact of location, marital status and employment on consumer’s purchasing decision within female population of Karachi, Pakistan, .

1.3 Statement of the Problem:

Consumer Preference is the cognitive attitude toward products made in different countries (country image) to their domestic product[2]. It is basically the attitude of the consumers towards the foreign product over the locally produced goods; hence it is particularly important for marketers and the local producers to identify if the consumers are attracted towards their product, or towards the foreign brand. This research, therefore, aims to explore comparison between the preferences towards foreign to local brands and how they influence consumer impression of a brand among female of different areas of Karachi.

1.4 Objective of the Study

The purpose of this study is to compare the decision making power, the buying behavior, consumption and buying pattern of the women in...
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