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Concepts of Brand Management


Credits: 4


Branding Concepts
Introduction to Brand; Brand and Branding Basics; Relationship of Brands with Customers; Building Successful Brands.
Terms associated with Brands
Understanding Various Terms; Brand Names and Brand Extensions; Co-Banding and Corporate Branding; Brand Associations and Brand Image.
Management of Brand
Brand Loyalty; Brand Relationship; Brand Equity; Brand Management Brand Processing
Brand Evolution; Value of Brand; Brand Planning and Brand Potential.

Brand Selection
Brand and Consumer Buying Process; Consumer Search for Brand Information; Issues associated with Effective Brand Name; Added Values Beyond Functionalism; Brand Personality; Branding to make Tangible the Intangible.

Suggested Reading:

1. Branding Concepts and Process by Pati D, Publisher: Macmillan 2. Creating Powerful Brands by McDonald Malcolm and De Chernatony L, Publisher: Amazon.Co.UK
3. Brand Positioning by Subroto Sen Gupta, Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill 4. Product Management in India by R. C. Majumdar, Publisher: Prentice-hall of India Pvt Ltd.
5. Managing Indian Brands by S R Kumar, Publisher: Wharton School Publishing


A good brand is priceless to any business, and with this course

identify the responsibilities of a brand manager.

in Brand Management you will learn exactly how to market,

evaluate brands to identify the components of brand equity.

use Porter’s Method of Competitive Strategy to implement a marketing strategy for a brand in a given scenario.

identify appropriate steps for evaluating brands in a given

success: a brand manager, a brand, and the consumer. But how

recognize the benefits of having an effective brand.

do these ingredients relate and what are they comprised of that

identify examples of business properties that can be

determine the appropriate strategy for a product within the
brand hierarchy in a given scenario.

long-lasting brand. First, you will learn about the responsibili-

evaluate the effectiveness of the creative elements in brands.

ties of a brand manager, from conception of a brand to

identify a strategy to negotiate trends in the marketplace.

building, evaluating, and maintaining brand equity. Then, you

recognize the benefits of knowing your consumers.

will be introduced to a brief history of branding and its

analyze a question used in consumer research to determine
which method was used.

identify examples of sales promotional tools.

analyze a brand to determine where the consumer adoption
process failed.

manage, develop and integrate a brand in both the marketplace and over the Internet.
There are three ingredients every company needs for branding

makes them so important? This course will demonstrate how
each ingredient reacts to the other in order to create a valuable,

intended purpose. This also includes the elements of a great brand, and current trends in branding. Finally, you will recognize the components and intricacies that make up your consumer,
how to appeal to the consumer, and one of the most important facts of all: how the consumer dictates your brand equity. By the end of this course, you will apply all of these ingredients and assemble a recipe of your own as a foundation for effective management of your brand.

This course is an overview for future managers, brand managers and marketing personnel who wish to conceive, build, improve and maintain a successful brand identity for their products and company. This will help them to interpret the potential affects of various brand strategies and tactics and assess the value of any type of brand.

recognize the benefits of utilizing a brand manager.





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