Concept Proposal Report

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Co-branding Pages: 11 (2612 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Concept Proposal Report

MARK2313-2010-Y Brand Management

Tutor: Lynn Stainsby

Student name: Xuefang Geng

Student ID number: P09011557

Submission date: 16 March, 2010



1.Product description3

2.Brand Equity Analysis3

2.1 Brand name3

2.2 Brand image4

2.3 Brand awareness & Brand-added value5

2.4 Image Transfer5

3.Marketing Plan6

3.1 Market Gap and Competitors’ Performance6

3.2Market segmentation, positioning and targeting7



Appendix 1.12

Perceptual Map12

Appendix 2.13

Stress-release office toy: Screaming chicken13

Appendix 3.13

Advertising copy13

Concept Proposal Report


With respect to the modernized lifestyle, more and more city residents are suffering from sub-health. To avoid the sequence of sub-health, conscious consumers demand more natural and healthier products. Innocent is a remarkable brand of healthy food. It is marked by the pure fruits ingredients and has become the market leader of fruit smoothies. Innocent targets young professionals and Innocent smoothies are popular as healthy drinks at lunch. However, from the target’s consideration, healthy drinks can’t fulfil their psychological needs namely stress release and inspiration. Based on recent research, a quarter of workers feel stressed a lot of time. Those in the £15,500-24,999 income bracket are particularly worried (Mintel, 2009). It means that there is a large, potential demand of stress release product but a scarcity of supply.

To capture this niche market, Innocent is supposed to reinforce its brand identity by stretching its brand-added value. This report presented a concept proposal for Innocent brand extension. It recommended the method of co-branding and creating a new co-branded article that could satisfy target customers’ ultimate needs. In the first part of the report, it gave a brief introduction of the co-branded article. Then it analyzed new brand equity of the co-branded article. Furthermore, it examined the commercial feasibility by analysis if marketing gap, segmentation, targeting, positioning and competitor performance. Finally, it concluded the competitive advantages and estimated market potential of the new co-branded article.

Product description

The brand chosen to co-brand with Innocent is an online flower delivery company called “Flower angels”. The co-branded article is a small self-gardening office plant, called “Innocent Breath Desk Garden”. It targets at young professionals who are seeking quick but healthier break during their challenging and stressful work time. The most significant distinguishing intrinsic attribute is “self-gardening”, (Riezebos, 2003). It means that the plant will be sowed and gardened by consumers, rather than suppliers. The processes are crucial because the brand-added value is transferred to customers through processes of gardening. Innocent Breath Desk Garden gives target customers a chance to take a refreshing breath of the nature, even when are still sitting at their office. Innocent Breath Desk Garden successfully transfers Innocent’s natural and physically healthy brand image into a mental satisfactory product, (Riezebos, 2003). Innocent Breath Desk Garden will adopt a premium price dimension and the average product life-cycle is 4-6 weeks. There will be 5 options of plants and other gardening accessories in selection lists.

Brand Equity Analysis

2.1 Brand name

The whole brand name is “Innocent Breath Desk Garden by Innocent & Flower angels”. The name combines Joyce principle and Juliet principle, (Riezebos, 2003). “Innocent” gives direct association to Innocent rinks, which suggests the high perceived performance and high quality of the co-branded article. “Breath” belongs to Juliet principle and it describes an expressive attribute. It represents the experience of taking a deep breath in the garden,...
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