Communication Methods

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Communication Methods
Managerial Communication
March 7, 2014

Choose five different communication methods listed in Chapter 8 and identify an advantage and a disadvantage for each one. Telephone and Voicemail is a great way to contact a person directly without any interactions or blocks in the way of reaching them. You can often times get an immediate response if you have a question or to give information. You can be able to hear a person’s tone of voice, and also if you are not good at hiding facial expressions speaking over the phone may be best compared to face-to-face meetings. The downside of using telephone and voicemail is calling and the person is unavailable, so you have to wait for them to reply back. Another downside is if they are on a mobile phone the call may drop, and this is not good when you are having an interview or a meeting about a very serious topic or business plan. Video Conferencing has been a bonus in today’s society now that businesses are now moving on a global basis. Due to distance face-to-face meetings are not as permissible, but business must go on in order to stay afloat and up to date with daily business activities. Video conferencing saves money, time, and allows for frequent global contact. The disadvantage is there is no physical contact, and also if the Internet is down or the Internet speeds are slow, buffering can be a huge issue when conducting important meetings. Email memos can be a lifesaver because they are quick, fast, and easy to compose. You don’t have put it into a specific format on most cases. Just make sure you include details. The negative aspects would be they are impersonal and sometimes lack the real emotion and feeling. Meetings can be beneficial because you are able to interact with one another on a more personal and physical level. You can prepare for the meeting, and bring notes and questions to it. You don’t have to think off the top of your head as to what to discuss or what to ask in the meeting. They are usually well thought out and well planned. The negative side to meetings is they take time out of everyone’s schedule and can sometimes last to long losing peoples interest. Their minds can be caught not paying attention in the meeting or not being an active participant, because they may be unable to speak well in front of others or intimidated. Some individuals work well through letters, emails, and messages then face to face meetings. Some individuals write more clearly and able to get their ideas across more then they would verbally. The same goes for special events for employees where some people rather not interact with others on a personal level, they rather have it strictly business. They might come off as being rude because they are not socializing or mingling with the other employees, but it may not be their cup of tea when it comes to communicating with others. They may appear stand offish, and this is not beneficial when it comes to trying to pull ideas and thoughts from the individual who is not a great communicator in person. However, it does leave room for them to practice speaking in groups or with others persons. This can in turn allow them to branch out in more ways to communicate and gain relationships with other peers and develop new networks. For the following four scenarios, decide which method would be most effective and justify your answer. Draft form of communication for each. 1. One of your employees is constantly late, leaving food and drinks at the workstation and you are forced to address the situation. (Email memo) For this particular scenario I would use an email memo. The reason being is this situation is only dealing with one person instead of a group. There is no reason to use a group method of communication when it is one individual causing the problem.

Email Memo Draft:

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