Communication Methods

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Assignment 4: Communication Methods
Julius Griggs
MGT 505
June 2, 2012
In choosing five different communication methods and identifying and advantage and a disadvantage for each one:

Face to Face communication
Advantage: Creates a better experience because the depth of understanding is enhanced by body language and posture. Disadvantage: Body language could be misread and lead to a miscommunication of the intended message.

Advantage: With the presence of cell phones, communication can be done anytime and anywhere. Disadvantage: The cell phone presents times when phone conversations may not be appropriate and could cause a miscommunication in the conversation.

Advantage: It is inexpensive, builds relationships, and allows face to face communication. Disadvantage: There could be technical problems that hinder the conference from happening.

Advantage: Very fast. Can be changed instantly. It can reach large amounts of people at one time. Disadvantage: May not be written clearly and can cause miscommunication.

Advantage: Reach a large amount of employees at one time. The message could be very traditional or high impact that is easy to interpret. Disadvantage: The memo could have a message that is not easy to interpret and is hard for the reader to understand.

Address the following scenarios:
1. One of your employees is constantly late, leaving food and drinks at the work station, and you are forced to address the situation. The best form of communication for this situation is face to face. Face to face communication is the “richest: form of communication because it contains cues from many sources that add to the interpretation of the message exchanged by the sender and receiver. . This would be the form because it is important that the employee who is participating in this type of behavior in the workplace understand the implications...
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