Close Up Brand Analysis

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Never settle for second best. And yet, since its inception in the Philippine market, second place has been Close Up’s niche. Though the brand has indeed been successful in differentiating its use and targets from the irreplaceable number one, the dream to finally land the gold continues to linger.

Overview of the Brand

Close Up was launched by Unilever in 1967 as the first gel toothpaste in the world. The product’s unique structure made it easy to market it as a new and diverse product, all other brands having manufactured the same opaque white consistency toothpaste normally has. Furthermore, the brand made sure to put the blue ocean strategy to their advantage. While competitors were going the more medical approach, Close Up branded itself as the more relatable brand to the youth. Currently, Close Up has eight variants out in the market. All their lines are made to function as the ‘fresh breath maker’, promising consumers long-lasting fresh breath. The variants mostly just differ in flavor apart from the Close Up Milk Calcium, which adds the teeth strengthening function to their product.

Company Vision
Close Up envisions itself as the number one toothpaste brand for the youth. Their goal is to get young adults to feel how much the brand can help them achieve fresh breath, which, in turn, can boost their confidence to face their everyday challenges. Close Up’s goal is to be the youth’s first choice when it comes to toothpaste brands.

The Close Up Mission
In line with the company vision is their mission to give the youth that confidence to make ‘the moment’ happen. Much of Close Up’s brand identity revolves around the concept of ‘the moment’, which they define as that special instant of interaction between two or more individuals. It may be as simple as asking someone to be their date to the high school prom or as big as saying I love you to their special someone for the first time. Close Up makes sure to be the factor that...
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