Classroom Observation and Reflection

Topics: Biodiversity, Ecosystem, Ecology Pages: 7 (1364 words) Published: August 4, 2013
Debra Proffitt

Running head What is Biological diversity

Grade levels: 4 to 6.
Subjects: Science, Biology, And Environmental Education
Duration: 1 hour


Students will participate in whole group instruction. Teacher will gather students to the front of the classroom, on the carpet, there are chairs line up five one side and five on the other side Students play a round of musical chairs using drawings of different species in a food web. The disappearance of chairs signals the extinction of that species. Students learn how the extinction of species affects others in the food web.

Grouping and Group Work:
Student will form groups of two or three and discuss important details, concepts, and main ideas presented in the Musical Chairs session. They will work together to come up with a list of details to share with the class. Each group will create a mini-book called: My Journal of different environment . I will provide colored paper for each group and they will have 30 minutes to decide what they want to put inside. The journal will be four pages long. 1. Sentence summary of the Journal with an illustration

2. Favorite part of the journal with an illustration
3. Important concept presented in the Journal with an illustration and 4. Another important concept presented in the Journal with an illustration. Click on the picture to access the directions for making the Journal (A diversity Plan)

By the end of the activity, the students will be able to:
Explain how plants and animals support each other in the food chain or food web; Identify human caused species loss as one of the major current threats to biodiversity; Explain the species diversity level of biodiversity;

Explain how the disappearance of one species affects other species

Skills: Students will develop skills in the following areas: Organizing their knowledge into KWL charts.
Blackboard, chalk, paper, drawing tools and source of music (teacher can sing


Biodiversity, carnivore, decomposer, ecosystem, food chain, food web, herbivore, Microorganism, omnivore, species.

Part 1 Understanding food webs (30 minutes)
1.As a class, create a KWL chart and fill in the K and W columns. This step will help students start reflecting on biodiversity, and is an opportunity to introduce new vocabulary.

2.Explain learning objectives of this exercise. Have students read what is biological diversity? In Biodiversity, food and farming for a healthy planet If reading in class, students can take turns reading out loud.

4.Explain new vocabulary as the section is read in class or when the reading is assigned.

3.Have students create a word wall to put on the wall for the duration of the biodiversity module.

In small groups (or as a class), have students brainstorm examples of food chains, identify the component microorganisms, plants and animals and explain the relationships among the components. (See sample below.)

5.Write the five typical levels of food chains on the black board (plants/primary producers, Herbivores, omnivores, carnivores, decomposers). Have students classify each species in their food chain according to these divisions. Have students write each species in Its appropriate category on the board. There should be multiple organisms for each level of the food chain.

6.Draw lines connecting the various components of each food chain. Use a different colored chalk for each food chain. Students should recognize that one species could be part of multiple food chains. Explain that a food web is various food chains that are connected. Explain that the connections between species are why biodiversity is sometimes called the web of life.

7.Ask students how humans, human activity and human inventions can affect food web in positive and negative ways. Students should consider the effects of various levels for individual species, for a...
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