Class Osteichthyes

Topics: Fish, Osteichthyes, Sarcopterygii Pages: 3 (415 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Class Osteichthyes

* The bony fish are the most diverse class of vertebrates.  They comprise more than 95% of all fish and 50% of all species of vertebrates


| Characteristics|
Integumentary| The skin has a mucus gland. It is also covered with thin and flexible scales| Respiration| They use Gills for respiration. Other structural feature in bony fish is a flap called the operculum. The operculum’s movement allows the fish to breath | Hearing| No External Ear|

Reproduction| Spawning or Oviparous|
Vision| No Eyelids|
Skeleton| Made of Bones|
Cardiovascular| Two Chambered hearts|
Nervous| Brain with Large optic lobes and cerebellum|
Digestive| Most fish are carnivorousFew are herbivorous|
| |

* Feeding – They are filter feeders. They Filter Planktons through their gills * Habitat – Marine and Fresh Water Species

* Operculum – a gill cover that protects the gills
* Presense of Inner ears
* Chambers similar to the Lateral Lines
* Located on either side of the head just behind the brain * Can amplify sound through swim bladder
* Better than the eyes of Chondricthyes
* Fish eyes focus by moving closer or father awayfrom the subject * Many Have color Vision
* Two chambered Heart
* Gas Exchange Occurs in the Gills
* Brain and Spinal Cord
* Olfactory Sacs or bulbs located on either sides of the head and connected to the nostrils * Tastebuds located in mouths or barbel
* Digestive System: Stomach, Intestine, pancreas, liver, pyloric caecae * Pyloric Caecae – Slender tubes that secretes digestive enzymes

* Schools – well defined groups of fishes. Well coordinated with no leaders. Used a protection by confusion. Increase swimming efficiency. Advantageous in feeding. No single reason and vary species to species * Behavior Migration – regular...
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