City Planning

Topics: Sustainability, Agriculture, World population Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: May 5, 2014
Careful planning is indispensable in the process of developing cities. Authorities need to come up with plans to make use of the resources available in the highly populated areas. There are three main reasons for the importance of careful planning in the development of cities. Sustainable infrastructure is one of the reasons why developing cities requires planning. A huge increase in the size of cities has led to the demand of infrastructure construction to serve the large population. For example, water and sewage disposal services are key considerations in the planning of cities, which include water provision, water treatment and sewage infrastructure. These services are essential for public health, thus authority must consider how to best provide these services to urban residents in effective way. Careful planning is also important in environmental protection. It is concerned with protecting and conserving the natural resources available in the cities. A mixed variety of human activities such as agricultural and industrial projects result in pollution of the environment, which leads to reduction of many natural resources. Hence, careful planning is essential to be made to minimize the overall effect of development in the cities. In most cities, buildings and industrial areas are being erected at a high rate as population increase. This has resulted in a reduction land available for other purposes such as agricultural activities. Lack of space to cultivate reduces agricultural output that contributes to the economy. Planning needs to be sensitive to the needs of community and its existing culture and businesses. To sum up, careful planning is very important in the development of sustainable urban areas. A good plan can help to promote development in most cities as well as solve some problems that urban areas are facing on growth path.
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