Chapter 01

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Chapter 01: Introduction: Single Owner Entities and Growth In Pakistan 1.1 Overview
Pakistan is under developed country and it is still in developing phase. Pakistan has got a traditional business style rather than a corporate business style. Recently Pakistan has seen economic and there has been a surge in increase of unlisted companies, most of those owned by single owner or a family. Most of Pakistan’s business sector contain small to medium business entities and those entities are run in traditional rather than in corporate way, unlisted companies or business entities have reached a mark of 50000 in comparison to 5000 listed companies, a data provided by The Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Many have done work to know about working environment and business structure of small and medium business entities which are run by single owner. These small and medium sized business contribute to economies of countries all around the world, so does it happens in Pakistan. Pakistan has one of biggest business community, cities like Sialkot and Karachi have one of biggest small business communities, providing billions of revenues to Pakistan as tax. These small owner businesses contribute to development and growth of country, creating employment opportunities in community, having biggest share in tax revenue of government. Many studies indicate that around the world, single owner entities are roots of listed companies and have major contribution to economies of countries. Few notable examples are Examples include Acer Computers, Wal-Mart, Ford Motor Company, Matthew Algie, Mills Fleet Farm, SC Johnson Company, Tetra Pak, William Grant & Sons, Vanee Foods Company, Anheuser-Busch DuPont, Kosh Industries, Cadbury...etc. all were started by single owners. There has been increase in listed companies which were started from roots by single owners that proportion has increased up to 65% to 80% around the world. In US about 80% to 90% of listed companies of 18...
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