Case Assignment Questions for Elie Saab

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Elie Saab
Case Assignment Questions

You are a senior consultant from Antwerp Fashion Consulting Group (AFCG) and you have been hired by Elie Saab, to conduct a Fashion Strategy Audit, upon my recommendation. Please make an analysis by answering the questions below. Please use the relevant models/tools learnt in the class. This Audit is very important to build your reputation in the global fashion business! Good Luck to you!

This is an individual assignment. Due: Sunday, January 25 on or before 24:00 Format: Cambria, 11, 1,5 spaced. Maximum 5 pages.
Please stick to the case. You can write it as an essay or by answering each question in order. Your choice.

1. What is ES’s core business? Discuss the “total product view” (i.e. core, actual and augmented).
Elie Saab, the brand, is a couture house that became renowned for its innovative, sophisticated and glamorous high fashion. Elie Saab, the person because of whom this brand came into existence is a high-end fashion designer who mastered the art of dressmaking. The four main product lines that make up the core of this luxury brand is: Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear, accessories and wedding dresses.

Haute couture: Saab made several hundred dresses every year that were completely made to order from color, material, style to type of embroidery. This is the haute couture line that has made this brand so famous for its unparalleled designs and service towards the customers buying these dresses.

RTW: this is the more accessible product line that ES offers. This is not as time consuming or as costly as the haute couture line.
Accessories: This line included shoes, handbags, scarves, jewelry, belts, fragrance and cosmetics.
Wedding dresses: Wedding dresses were classified as either Haute Couture or RTW. He basically believes in doing everything that stands for “unsurpassable luxury” and hence he even conceptualized the creative direction regarding the interior as well as the exterior design for the exclusive luxury yacht and signed an agreement in Dubai to develop a luxury hotel. Of course these are just other aspects of the brand and their determination to expand in all things distinctively luxurious. The core product view is what benefits the producer would like their product to offer buyers. It is the basic reason why the customer is buying a certain product. In this case ES stands for everything luxury, high-end and exclusive. This is a comment from the company itself on what it is really offering. “We offer competitive couture pricing without compromising on service. Our brand represents an affluent and glamorous lifestyle for the rich and famous. We stand out from other primary labels by offering exceptional service and top-of-the-line quality.” The actual product view is about translating the list of core product benefits into a product that people will buy. So here, the reason why people are buying ES is the exceptional service and top-of-the-line quality. High-end fashion, glamour and luxury resonate in all their products and that’s what the brand stands for, also giving them a distinct personality. The augmented product view involves deciding the additional non-tangible benefits that a product can offer. In this case the services that Elie Saab gives to its Haute couture clients personalized choice of dress materials, color, etc. He also gives consultations to the clients to help them decide what hairstyle and jewelry would go with the dress. Also, after the client has the dress, they have a lifetime service from ES if the hemline was to rip or alterations were needed, etc. They preferred to keep close contact with all their clients and even sent them fashion show invites. ES also offered to be in close contact with an haute couture client himself as he could then add the personal touch to the dress creating vast customer satisfaction.

2. Complete a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis. What is ES’s 
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