campis activation program

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Branding Pages: 8 (2172 words) Published: October 9, 2013
Campus activation program: An emerging opportunity for the companies to improve their branding attributes

Maira Fatima
MBA Scholar
FAST University, Islamabad

Syed Saad Hussain Shah
MS Scholar
IQRA University, Islamabad

Maira Fatima and Syed Saad Hussain Shah
This paper investigates the insights of the consumer acceptability of brand depending on the brand attributes by focusing on the emerging term “campus/brand activation program.” The term “campus/brand activation program” is a trade jargon that is initiated by the profit-oriented companies in order to build strong one-to-one relations directly with its customers. These programs are periodic in nature and consist of below-the-line strategies that are used to activate any offered brand and/or product as campus/brand activation programs are considered as equivalent to brand activation. Brand Activation aims to produce strong linkage with the customers in a way that the customers retorts with different interactions with the brands’ products being offered that involves customers’ emotions, experiences, attachment, reputation and market image of the brands. The main purpose of the research is to investigate the influential effect of campus/brand activation program on the perception of consumers i.e. how this program highlights the attributes of the brand and attracts the attention of the consumer in order to buy the product. The methodology consists of a research survey and the responses will be analyzed, with the help of SPSS software. Furthermore, regression analysis will be conducted. It is expected that favorable outcome will be observed and a positive significant result is obtained between the campus/brand activation programs and the brand attributes. This research will help the companies’ managers to achieve valuable information regarding the campus/brand activation programs, as few researches are available on this issue especially in Pakistan and it is an emerging opportunity for them to capitalize on.

In the world of modern technologies, people have become very selective in what they purchase and does they purchased items satisfy the changing fashion trends. Hence, the producers of the merchandizes seek such marketers who can develop and run such schemes and programs through which they can attract customers and satisfy their wants with regard to their requirements of the wanted good/ services. According to Esch, (2006) questions has to be answered by the “marketers” such as in what way does the development of relationships between the customers and the customers take place and are competent with the formed groups of brands affecting their domestic living. The aim of this research study is to explore the efficacy of the “campus/brand activation programs” which strives for the development of the attributes of the brand. Nevertheless, this study’s objective is to scrutinize the said brand attributes in light of university and college going students who are subjective of “campus/brand activation programs” as the purchasing power of the students are susceptible. The “brand activation” process involving eye-catching promotional campaigns, lucky draw schemes and special designed discount proposals, when introduced to them in their own educational campuses, may influence their purchase decisions., Hence, by using Below-The-Line strategies , students are attracted at mass by the companies and are able to position themselves permanently in the minds of the students. Literature Review:

Core Brand Image
On a larger scale, researchers suggest that the key element of “core-brand image” is the brand’s responsiveness and its inclination towards it (Shwu-lng and Chen-Lien, 2009). Moreover, relevance and awareness both are vital for the affectivity of the branding (Sevier, 2001). Awareness of the brand comes in existences from the...
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