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Overview of the Company
Cadbury India is a food product company with interests in Chocolate Confectionery, Milk Food Drinks, Snacks, and Candy. Cadbury is the market leader in Chocolate Confectionery business with a market share of over 70%. Some of the key brands of Cadbury are CadburyDairy Milk, 5 Star, Perk, Eclairs, Celebrations, Temptations, and Gems. In Milk Food drinkssegment, Cadbury's main product - Bournvita is the leading Malted Food Drink in thecountry.Its heritage can be traced back in 1824 when John Cadbury opened a shop in Birminghamselling cocoa and chocolate. Since then we have expanded our business throughout the world by a program me of organic and acquisition led growth. On 7 May 2008, the separation of our confectionery and Americas Beverages businesses was completed creating Cadbury plc witha vision to be the world's BIGGEST and BEST confectionery company. •

We make and sell
kinds of confectionery: chocolate, gum and candy

We operate in over 

John Cadbury opened for business in
- making us nearly 200 years young

We work with around
direct and indirect suppliers

We employ around

Every day
of people around the world enjoy our brandCadbury is the world's largest confectionery company and its origins can be traced back to1783 when Jacob Schweppe perfected his process for manufacturing carbonated mineralwater in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1824, John Cadbury opened in Birmingham selling cocoaand chocolate. Cadbury and Schweppe merged in 1969 to form Cadbury Schweppes plc.Milk chocolate for eating was first made by Cadbury in 1897 by adding milk powder paste to the dark chocolate recipe of cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar. In 1905, Cadbury's topselling brand, Cadbury Dairy Milk, was launched. By 1913 Dairy Milk had becomeCadbury's best selling line and in the mid twenties Cadbury's Dairy Milk gained its status asthe brand leader. Cadbury India began its operations in 1948 by importing chocolates andthen re-packing them before distribution in the Indian market. Today, Cadbury has fivecompany-owned manufacturing facilities at Thane, Induri (Pune) and Malanpur (Gwalior),Bangalore and Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) and 4 sales offices (New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkotaand Chennai). Its corporate office is in Mumbai. Worldwide, Cadbury employs 60,000 peoplein over 200 countries. WHAT IS BRAND?

 A brand is a name sign symbol slogan or design or a combination of these, intended toidentify the goods and services of one seller and to distinguish them from those of competitors". Branding helps differentiate products and can be a powerful tool of competitivestrategy. While products can come and go over time, brands (if properly managed) can liveindefinitely. Brands have many benefits for companies and consumers. For companies; strong brands add value, and consumers develop positive associations with the brand and are lesslikely to purchase competitors’ products. This means the brand can act as a barrier tocompetition. For consumers, brands help them to quickly identify products and make shoppingeasier. Strong brands carry a guarantee of quality which consumers trust and are often willingto pay more for. Consumers will pay a premium price for a branded product if they believethey it provides a higher value.Building strong brand is an important marketing strategy for companies, enabling premium pricing and making widespread distribution easier to achieve. Brand loyalty helps create and sustain high sales and profit. Brand equity is the value of a brand based on the extent towhich its has brand loyalty, brand name awareness, perceived quality and strong brandassociation.  DEVELOPING A BRAND

A brand identity is the message sent out by the brand through its name, product shape anddesign, visual symbols (such as logos), advertising etc. This identity needs to be planned by brand management, as this is key to gaining market acceptance...
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