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Study Skills (Including Personal Development Planning and Employability Skills) Relevant Degree Programmes
All BA and BSc (Hons) Programmes:
Semester Available
From Autumn 2013
Module Leader
Keith Brockbank
Mode of Attendance
The Study Skills Module (SSM) is intended as a foundation for academic studies in the UK educational system, and is specifically tailored for students at Greenwich School of Management (GSM London). Students vary greatly in their past experiences in education, and many are uncertain of the standards expected of them in a UK institution, many find difficulties in making the transition to higher education. This module attempts to address any potential problem by providing support in the development of good academic practices and effective communications. It is particularly important to establish standards regarding how a student’s work will be assessed and this module will provide clarity regarding what is required of students. This module is concerned with the development of key business and learning skills to assist in the transition to a business programme at higher education level. The module will also introduce students to some key global, ethical and organisational responsibility issues and begin to prepare them for the world of work. This module also initiates students in the integrated approach adopted by GSM London to Personal Development Planning (PDP) and increasing student employability through both academic study and personal development in parallel. The aims of the module will be:

1. To equip students with the range of skills necessary for success in a higher education environment 2. To begin to prepare students for the world of work
3. To introduce students to some key global issues
To provide a forum for the development of good study skills; including effective peer to peer and student staff interactions To support students in their understanding of how they learn and how to make best use of the materials and support available within GSM London To illustrate the importance of adequate comprehension of the topic areas in the success of undergraduate studies To clarify the importance of relevant secondary data, critical consideration of secondary data, and the acknowledgement of sources used by means of appropriate referencing conventions To promote the making of effective notes; explaining how to identify key points from a variety of sources including oral presentations as well as written sources To offer guidance on how to undertake a variety of written and oral communications including: essays, reports, summaries, reflections and presentations To enable students to reflect effectively upon their experiences and performance and so develop self-awareness and their ability to plan for their own development Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module students will be able to:
a) Critically reflect on learning across the programme and produce a personal development plan b) Demonstrate competence in a range of business and academic skills and apply them in an organisational/enterprise setting c) Communicate effectively both in written (reports, summaries etc.) and oral (presentations) form d) Collect and analyse appropriate data from a range of learning/information sources e) Undertake research tasks, both individually and in groups, with appropriate guidance f) Demonstrate understanding of global, ethical and organisational responsibility issues g) Produce a PDP covering the first 4 semesters of study at GSM London Learning and Teaching Strategy

Weekly sessions (classes of 3 hours mixing lecture, tutorial and exercises) will be held to deliver the content of this module. Since the skills taught in this module are designed to be transferable, all of the assessments of relevant modules will be used in conjunction with those specifically designed for this module to achieve the learning outcomes for...
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