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Achieving Success Through Effective Business Communication. to succeed in business today, you need the ability to communicate with people both inside and outside your organization. Whether you are competing to get the job you want or to win the customers your company needs, your success or failure depends to a large degree on your ability to communicate. Whether you are posting entries on a blog, giving a formal presentation, or chatting with co-workers at lunch, you are engaging in communication, the process of sending and receiving messages

Effective communication helps businesses in numerous ways.

* Stronger decision making and faster problem solving
* Earlier warning of potential problems
* Increased productivity and steadier(უფრო მტკიცე, მუდმივი) workflow(შრომითი პროცესi) * Stronger business relationships
* Clearer and more persuasive(დამარწმუნებელი, დამაჯერებელი.) marketing messages * Enhanced(გაზრდილი) professional images for both employers and companies * Lower employee turnover(მუშახელის დენადობა) and higher employee satisfaction * Better financial results and higher return for investors

Communication is vital (სასიცოცხლო, საარსებო) to every company’s success

Communicating in Organizational Settings
Internal communication takes place between people inside the company,whereas (მაშინ როდესაც)external communication takes place between the company and outside parties. In addition, messages travel over both formal and informal channels.

Every organization has a formal communication network, in which ideas and information flow along the lines of command (the hierarchical(იერარქიული) levels) in the company’s organization structure. the internal formal network information flows in three directions. * Downward communication flows from executives to employees, conveying(მიწოდება) executive decisions and providing information that helps employees do their jobs. * Upward communication flows from employees to executives, * Horizontal communication flows between departments to help employees share information, coordinate tasks, and solve complex problems.

Grapevines flourish when employees don’t receive information they want or need.

Every organization also has an informal communication network—a grapevine—that operates anywhere two or more employees are in contact, from the lunchroom to the golf course to the company’s e-mail and instant messaging (IM) systems

External communication flows into and out of the organization by both formal (carefully prepared letters, announcements, and so on) and informal (meeting potential sales contacts at industry gatherings or networking at social events) means.

Recognizing Effective Communication

To make your messages effective, make them practical, factual(ფაქტიური, ფაქტობრივი, ნამდვილი), concise(მოკლე, შემოკლებული; შეკუმშული), clear, and persuasive(დამაჯერებელი): * Provide practical information. Give recipients useful information, whether it’s to help them perform a desired action or understand a new company policy.

* Give facts rather than vague( ბუნდოვანი) impressions. Use concrete language, specific detail, and information that is clear, convincing, accurate, and ethical.

* Present information in a concise(მოკლე), efficient manner. Highlight the most important information,rather than dumping everything on the reader. Audiences respond better to messages that clarify and summarize effectively.

* Clarify expectations and responsibilities. Write messages to generate a specific response from a specific audience. Clearly state what you expect from audience members or what you can do for them.

* Offer compelling(დაუძლეველი), persuasive (დამაჯერებელი)arguments and recommendations. Show your readers precisely how they will benefit from responding to your message the way you want them to.

Understanding What Employers Expect from You

The skills that employers expect from...
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