Branding Yoga

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This week case study branding yoga is very different from other case studies we did before. ding yoga case tells us how the experience is branded which is more interesting for me as I did have the experience of practicing yoga. From my knowledge, practicing yoga is good for the health and many females practice yoga in order to lose weight and body shaping. I got surprised when I found that yoga actually transcend the physical itself to the spiritual practice which can purify one’s mind and body in the belief of the Indians( Deshpande, Herman and Lobb 2011). I think that’s why there are more and more people are encouraged to practice yoga and yoga has become a power brand which is able to compete with other industry. The yoga brand is managed systematically with branded styles of teaching, branded yoga clothing, branded training programs, branded instructors and etc. There are two branded styles of yoga which are Bikram style and Tara stiles. They are two different styles which appeal to two different sorts of people. Firstly, Bikram Choudhury who is the founder of Bikram yoga in America patent his approach to traditional yoga style. In the process of branding yoga, Bikram obtained the patent for his book, trademarked his company’s name and actively fighting for the copyright of his style. When branding a style of yoga, the legal rules which involves patent, trademark and patent intend to protect the founder’s right and disseminate the gains of the innovation so that it can be recognized by the people with the brand identity. The brand is also supported by Indian government which avoid others following Bikram’s branded poses even though the government only considered the yoga was part of the India’s traditional knowledge ( Deshpande, Herman and Lobb 2011). Additionally, the branding strategy in terms of the Bikram ‘s classical style of yoga is based on the inherent value and adds the more substantive value but still consistent and adherence to the addition...
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