Branding Strategy of Domino's Australia For Its Product and Service Offers

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Individual Branding Strategy3
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Identifying the Branding Strategy of Dominos Australia with Justification for Adopting Such Branding Strategy4 Conclusion4
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According to Kotler and Keller (2015), branding strategies are essential for the firms to identify their businesses among the customers in way that differentiate them from other firms for gaining competitive advantages. Therefore, it is very important for the firms to recognize their branding requirements and to implement the most effective branding strategies as per their industry and competitor analysis. Individual branding and family branding strategy are the most useful marketing tactics that most of the leading companies are following. The current study evaluates and justifies whether Dominos Australia is using an individual product branding strategy or a family branding strategy. Individual Branding Strategy

According to Bang and Joshi (2010), the individual branding strategy involves giving different brand identity for each product or service, considering the requirements of different segments. The main aim of the individual branding strategy is to develop unique brand identity for each product or service. The strategy enables the company for positioning their products or services more effectively. Additionally, the chances of decreasing marketing reputation due to failure of products or services are very low. However, the firms have to invest additional efforts and costs for implementing and managing individual branding (Zahay and Griffin, 2010). Companies such as Coca-Cola and Unilever are mostly implementing the individual branding strategy. Family Branding Strategy

Bennett (2010) defined family branding strategy as one of the effective marketing strategies for the firms that involve introducing wider range of products using the same brand identity. Leading companies such as Apple Incorporation, Google and General Electronic are the perfect example companies that are using the family branding strategy most efficiently. Most of the companies are following the family branding strategy to influence their customers using their existing brand value for supporting their newly introduced products or services and for growing customer loyalty. However, if the companies using the family branding strategy fail to meet the expectations of their customers for delivering similar or better quality than their existing products or services, it may affect their market reputation (Lamberti and Noci, 2010). Identifying the Branding Strategy of Dominos Australia with Justification for Adopting Such Branding Strategy The entire business of Domino’s Pizza and their success solely depends upon the performances of their franchisees. Dominos Australia is one of the largest franchisee of the Domino’s Pizza and is able to derive enormous sales using their strong brand identity (, 2015). Various popular products and services of the franchisee are Pizzas, Good Choice Range, Chef's Best, and Pizza Mogul etc. Dominos Australia is offering all their services and products using the brand name of Dominos. Therefore, based on the assessment of the individual branding and family branding strategy, it infers that Dominos Australia is using the family branding strategy. However, another branding term that matches closely with the branding strategy of Domino’s Pizza is brand licensing or brand franchisee. Using the prospective franchisee is the core business strategy of Dominos as it helps them to strengthen their sales and growth using their strong and popular brand image (, 2015). Conclusion

The entire study concludes that Dominos Australia adopted the family branding strategy and they are providing their products and services under the brand name of Domino’s Pizza. The...
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