Branding and brand management: Cadbury

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What is a brand?

A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them form those of competitors

Essentially a marketer's promise is to deliver a specific set of features, benefits and services consistently to the buyers

Cadbury's best tasting chocolate constitutes the main ingredient of much of these products including everything from solid blocks to chocolate filled bars and novelties

The Cadbury brand is associated with best tasting chocolate

Marketing managers at Cadbury are working to ensure this association is continually developed. Key concepts of quality, taste and emotion underpin the Cadbury brand. These core values help to differentiate Cadbury from other brands and ensure its competitive advantage

A brand is a complex symbol that can convey up to six levels of meaning

1. Attributes - a brand brings to mind certain attributes

- Cherry Ripe - ripe juicy cherries and moist coconut smothered in rich 'Old Gold' Dark Chocolate

- Crunchie - golden honeycomb smothered in Cadbury 'Dairy Milk' Milk Chocolate

- Flake - unique, delicate strands of crumbly, flaky Cadbury 'Dairy Milk' chocolate

- Picnic - combine delicate fingers of crisp wafers, temptation of chewy caramel with goodness of rice crisps, all generously encased in Cadbury chocolate

- Roses - delicious mix of Milk and Dark chocolates, ideal token gesture for any occasion

- Dairy Milk - the goodness of a glass and a half of rich full cream milk in every 200g, Australia's favourite chocolate

2. Benefits - each brand's attributes must be translated into functional and emotional benefits to the consumer

3. Values - Cadbury's mission statement says simply: 'Cadbury means quality'; this is our promise. Our reputation is built upon quality; our commitment to continuous improvement will ensure that our promise is delivered'

4. Culture - For many people, chocolate is Cadbury, and no other brand will do

5. Personality - taste, colour purple and the glass and a half symbol all all hallmarks of Cadbury personality

6. Users - the kind of consumer or who buys or uses the product. Loyal customers are the most valuable customers to have because they will buy your product over and over again

Brand equity

- Brands vary in the amount of power and value they have in the marketplace

- Brand equity is an asset

- Cadbury brand equity is highly differentiated from other brands with consumers. Brand equity is the value consumer loyalty brings to a brand, and reflects the likelihood that a consumer will repeat purchase. This is a major source of competitive advantage.

Brand name decisions

- Manufacturers and service companies who brand their products must choose which brand names to use

- Cadbury brands include the Corporate name combined with individual names

- The company name legitimises, and the individual name individualises the new product

- A suitable name, must be chosen and registered; it must be unique to the product and in today's business arena, it should be capable of international

use. Careful checks must be made to ensure that the selected name does not mean something different in other languages

Brand-building tools

Amongst the most important tools for attracting attention to Cadbury brands are:

- Public relations and press releases - brands can gain a lot of attention from well-placed newspaper and magazine stories.

- Sponsorships - brands are frequently promoted in sponsored events. Cadbury sponsor the Melbourne Cup Carnival, the animal nursery' at the Royal Show, and the three time AFL premiership champion Brisbane Lions

- Factory visits - Cadbury have factory tours in which they invite visitors to spend the day at their Claremont factory in Tasmania

- Event marketing - product launches

- Social cause marketing - some of the projects that...

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